Allen Bradley Bulletin 1305 Series Inverter Keypad with Digital Up-Down Speed Control

Bulletin 1305 Series Inverter Keypad with Digital Up-Down Speed Control

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  • AC Drive keypad with Digital UpDown Speed Control
  • Used to change upload download drive parameters
  • Compatible with 1305 Drive 1336 PLUS Drive 1336 FORCE Drive SMP3 Overload Relay SMC Dialog Plus Smart Motor Controller 1394 Digital Motion Controller and 1557 Medium Voltage Drive



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The 1201-HA2 is a programmable keypad for the Allen Bradley Bulletin 1305 series of AC drives. The keypad simply slots into the front of the drive and provides seven different modes. 

  • Mode 1: Display - When selected, the Display mode allows any of the parameters to be viewed. However, parameter modifications are not allowed.
  • Mode 2: Process - The Process mode allows a “configurable” display to be programmed. One user selected parameter can be displayed with programmed text and scaling. 
  • Mode 3: Program - Program mode provides access to the complete listing of parameters available for programming. 
  • Mode 4: EEPROM - This mode allows all parameters to be reset to the factory default settings. For Series B HIM Software Version 1.01 and Above, uploading and downloading of drive parameters may be performed.
  • Mode 5: Search -  This mode will search for parameters that are not at their default values.
  • Mode 6: Control Status - Permits the [Logic Mask] parameter to be disabled/enabled allowing HIM removal while drive power is applied. This menu also provides access to a fault queue which will list the last four faults that have occurred. “Trip” displayed with a fault indicates the actual fault that tripped the drive. A clear function clears the queue.
  • Mode 7: Password - The Password mode protects the drive parameters against programming changes by unauthorized personnel. When a password has been assigned, access to the Program and EEPROM modes can only be gained when the correct password has been entered. The password can be any five digit number between 00000 and 65535. Refer to the example on page 3-18.

The 1201-HA2 is the only NEMA 1 (IP30) rated keypad to feature a digital up-down speed control rather than the normal pot control mechanism. This is usually better for accurate speed control

Fast Setup

Thanks to its resident memory enables the user to store of up to two complete parameter profiles on the keypad which save time when programming multiple drives. It is a simple case of removing the keypad from one drive and downloading the parameters into the new drive. It is really useful function in the event of downtime. In addition to mounting directly on the drive, the HIM can be used as a hand held programmer or it can be mounted on the front of an enclosure.

Keypad Structure

The HIM can be divided into two sections; the Display Panel (top half around the LED) and Control Panel (bottom section). The Display Panel provides a means of programming the drive and viewing the various operating parameters. The Control Panel allows different drive functions to be controlled. When power is first applied to the drive, the HIM will cycle through a series of displays. These displays will show drive name, HIM ID number and communication status. Upon completion, the Status Display will be shown. This display shows the current status of the drive (i.e. “Stopped,” “Running,” etc.) or any faults that may be present (“Serial Fault,” etc.). If the HIM software is Series A version 3.00 and above or Series B version 1.01 and above (see back of HIM), the Status Display, Process Display or Password Login menu can be selected as the power-up display or menu. 



die Specs

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ManufacturerAllen Bradley
Range typeKeypad Operator Panel
RangeBulletin 1305

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