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Allen Bradley Bulletin 1305 Programmer Keypad

Bulletin 1305 Programmer Keypad



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AB 1201-HJP Bulletin 1305 AC drives are designed to control the speed of kW three-phase induction motors. With a kW rating, the 1201-HJP AC drive is suitable for an array of applications where performance, flexibility and ease of use are essential. This VSD is now obsolete but Northern Industrial can recommend a suitable replacement, repair your existing unit or supply a surplus model.


Simple and Flexible


The 1201-HJP variable frequency drive comes with a wide range of parameters, allowing the drive to meet the requirements of many diverse applications. Allen Bradley  1201-HJP inverters also has a standard SCANport communications link that allows simple connections to a range of peripherals including RS232/422/485, DeviceNet, Remote I/O and Flex I/O. With the addition of a SCANport expander, multiple devices can communicate with the  1201-HJP AC drive from the Bulletin 1305 series.


The  1201-HJP is Performance Rich


The AB  1201-HJP has a number of characteristics that make it a great performing AC inverter These drives are capable of producing high torque across a wide speed range as well as fast acceleration which translates into more cycles per minute and therefore more revenue. The hybrid current limit function utilises both firmware and hardware control to minimise the possibility of trips during shock loads, fast accelerations, constant speed operation and deceleration. IR compensation and Slip compensation functions mean power is increased to the motor when most needed and there is tighter speed control during load changes.


1201-HJP Has Great Features


Bulletin 1305 AC drives offer many features to enhance the performance of your application:


  • Proven product – time tested

  • Meets demands of cyclic loads

  • “Trip-free” operation

  • Programming commonality with other AB drives

  • HIM Upload/Download function for programming multiple variable frequency drives

  • Communications – RS232, 422, 485, Remote I/O, DeviceNet, Flex I/O, Other

  • Feature-rich for flexibility

  • Slip-compensation

  • Flexible firmware for special applications

  • Human interface module with backlit LCD display

  • Foreign language compatibility

  • Extensive parameter list

  • Intelligent power modules using IGBT technology

  • Configurable for either two-wire or three-wire control

  • 0-10V DC speed input

  • Remote potentiometer input

  • 4-20mA analog speed input

  • Two programmable outputs (1 relay, 1 transistor)

  • Programmable 0-10V analog output

  • Saves you valuable panel space


Wide Range of Accessories

Enhance your part number Bulletin 1305 variable frequency drive with a range of accessories also available from Northern Industrial. These accessories include:


  • HMIs such as human interface modules and graphic programming terminals

  • Bulletin 1202 port cables

  • Bulletin 1203 port splitters

  • Bulletin 1203 communication modules such as Remote I/O, DeviceNet and ControlNet

  • Bulletin 1203 computer interfaces

  • 1305 dynamic break kits

  • Bulletin 1321 line reactor

  • Bulletin 1204 reflective wave reduction device

  • Bulletin 1204 terminator

  • Bulletin 1321 isolation transformer


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ManufacturerAllen Bradley
Range typeKeypad Operator Panel
RangeBulletin 1305

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