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Mitsubishi E1000

The same popular HMI was also sold under the Mitsubishi brand name

Continued Support

Our relationship with Beijer means we can support Mitsubishi & Beijer E1000 users

Touch or Keypad

Choose between touch screen models and keypad operated models


Suitable for installation in almost any industrial environment

  • E1041 HMI


    3.5” graphic touch colour HMI

  • E1043 HMI


    3.5” graphic touch monochrome HMI

  • E1061 HMI


    5.7” graphic touch colour HMI

  • E1063 HMI


    5.7” graphic touch monochrome HMI

  • E1071 HMI


    6.5” graphic touch colour HMI

  • E1101 HMI


    10” graphic touch HMI

  • E1151 HMI


    15” graphic touch HMI

  •  E1012 HMI


    160 x 32 pixel monochrome keypad HMI

  • E1022 HMI


    240 x 64 pixel monochrome keypad HMI

  • E1032 HMI


    240 x 64 pixel monochrome keypad HMI

  • E1060 HMI


    320 x 240 pixel colour keypad HMI

  • E1070 HMI


    640 x 480 pixel colour keypad HMI

  • E1100 HMI


    800 x 600 pixel colour keypad HMI

E1000 Product Information

The E1000 range is one of the most popular ranges of HMI and has a wide installation base around the world. With the range sold under both the Mitsubishi and Beijer name, users may have an existing panel branded one or the other, but both can be used in place of each other as they are exactly the same. Whilst Mitsubishi no longer support the E1000 range, you can continue to purchase brand new Beijer branded E1000 HMIs through NIControls.

Accessories & Software

You can expand your operator panel to enable it to connect to different network protocols. Software enables easy setup and monitoring of your HMI.

E1000 Series HMIs

E1000 Series

E1000 Dimensions

E1012 Dimensions E1022 Dimensions E1032 Dimensions E1060 Dimensions E1041 Dimensions E1043 Dimensions E1061 Dimensions E1063 Dimensions E1070 Dimensions E1071 Dimensions E1100 Dimensions E1101 Dimensions E1151 Dimensions
Panel SizeE1012E1022E1032E1060E1041E1043E1061E1063E1070E1071E1100E1101E1151
Height (mm) 155 155 202 275 155.8 155.8 201 201 285 219 382 302 398
Width (mm) 114 155 188 168 119 119 152 152 177 154 252 228 304
Depth (mm) 40 41 63 63 63 63 63 63 62 61 64 64 66

Panel Size E1012

Height (mm) 155 E1012 HMI
Width (mm) 114
Depth (mm) 40

Panel Size E1022

Height (mm) 155 E1022 HMI
Width (mm) 155
Depth (mm) 41

Panel Size E1032

Height (mm) 202 E1032 HMI
Width (mm) 188
Depth (mm) 63

Panel Size E1060

Height (mm) 275 E1060 HMI
Width (mm) 168
Depth (mm) 63

Panel Size E1041

Height (mm) 155.8 E1041 HMI
Width (mm) 119
Depth (mm) 63

Panel Size E1043

Height (mm) 155.8 E1043 HM
Width (mm) 119
Depth (mm) 63

Panel Size E1061

Height (mm) 201 E1061 HMI
Width (mm) 152
Depth (mm) 63

Panel Size E1063

Height (mm) 201 E1063 HMI
Width (mm) 152
Depth (mm) 63

Panel Size E1070

Height (mm) 285 E1070 HMI
Width (mm) 117
Depth (mm) 62

Panel Size E1071

Height (mm) 219 E1071 HMI
Width (mm) 154
Depth (mm) 61

Panel Size E1100

Height (mm) 382 E1100 HMI
Width (mm) 252
Depth (mm) 64

Panel Size E1101

Height (mm) 302 E1101 HMI
Width (mm) 228
Depth (mm) 64

Panel Size E1151

Height (mm) 398 E1151 HMI
Width (mm) 304
Depth (mm) 66

E1000 Specifications

  • RISC CPU (Intel Xscale) 32MB Intel Strata Flash, 64MB RAM
Operating system
  • WIndows CE.NET 4.2
Power supply
  • +24VDC (20-30V)
  • Case is made of cast aluminium
  • 1 x RS232 port
  • 1 x RS485/422 port
  • 1 x Ethernet port (RJ45/TP) 10/100 Mbit/s (models E1032 and above)
  • 1 x USB port for use with keyboard, mouse, printers, USB memory devices etc (models E1032 and above)


The robust IP66-rated facade and construction of the E1000 range make it ideal for applications in a variety of industries including:

  1. > Automotive & transportation
  2. > Pharmaceutical
  3. > Food & beverages
  4. > Oil & gas
  5. > Packaging
  6. > Water & utilities
  7. > Building automation


We have some documents for your to download in PDF format for the E1000 series including brochures and software information.

E1000 Series Brochure PDF
E1000 brochure
E-Designer User Guide PDF
E-Designer user guide
E1000 Series FAQs PDF
E1000 FAQs
Repairs icon


We can repair a wide range of operator panel issues including cracked & broken screens, unresponsive touch panels, power issues, communication faults, faulty displays and more. Our engineers are experienced in an array of faults and we keep the most popular panels and components in stock to ensure quick turnaround.

Installation icon


The E-Designer programming software for the E1000 series makes it easy to program your HMI. It provides an intuitive and user-friendly configuration tool and can get your first application up and running in less than 10 minutes. We can also help you program your HMI if required, ask our sales team for more information.

Upgrade Possibilities

If you want to upgrade from the Mitsubishi/Beijer E1000 series or the EXTER range by Beijer there is a specific upgrade path for you to follow. The X2 family of Beijer HMIs replaces both the E1000 and EXTER models as well as the more recent iX range. The X2 family comes in several ranges that are ideal for many different applications with a variety of options and features to choose from. You can enhance your future HMI offering with modern iX hardware and state-of-the-art iX developer software. Below is a full table detailing which path to take when replacing your E1000 or EXTER series panels.

E1000 ModelsEXTER ModelsEquivalent X2 Models
E1012 K10m X2 Base 5
E1022 K20m X2 Base 5
E1032 K30m X2 Base 5, X2 Pro 7
E1043 T40m X2 Pro 4
E1041 T405 X2 Pro 4
E1060 K60m X2 Pro 10
E1062 K60m X2 Pro 10
E1063 T60m5 X2 Pro 7
E1061 T605 X2 Pro 7
E1070 K60 or K70 X2 Pro 10
E1071 T70 X2 Pro 7
E1100 K100 X2 Pro 12
E1101 T100 X2 Pro 12
E1151 T150 X2 Pro 15

How to find your E1000 part number

Where your part number is located will depend on whether you have a touch or keypad operated HMI. For the touch panels, the part number is located on the front right of the HMI when you are facing the screen. The keypad panels are also on the front right, but along the bottom of the screen.

E1000 part number diagram