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Communications and functions make the VLT 2800 an intelligent part of your system

Flexible mounting

Mounting options include side-by-side and horizontally thanks to the ventilated heatsink

User friendly

Simply enter motor data via the drive keypad to be up and running quickly

The best support

As an official Danfoss drive’s partner, we provide the best support for Danfoss users

Reliable Motor Control up to 22kW

1-Phase 200/240VAC

Single phase drives from 0.37kW to 3.7kW

3-Phase 200/240VAC

Three phase drives from 0.37kW to 3.7kW

3-Phase 380/480VAC

Three phase drives from 0.55kW to 18.5kW

VLT 2800

VLT 2800 Product Overview

Designed to be advanced and versatile yet easy to operate, the VLT 2800 family are amongst the best general purpose AC drives on the market. Not only are they extremely compact, but they can also be side-by-side mounted for maximum space saving. Reliability, intelligence and user-friendliness is what the Danfoss 2800 is all about.

  1. > Compact drive with side-by-side mounting available
  2. > Easy to operate
  3. > Bus communications including DeviceNet, Profibus SP & ModBus
  4. > Galvanic isolation
  5. > Hot pluggable keypad display
  6. > Robust design with good heat dissipation

Accessories & Software

VLT Software



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VLT 2800 Dimensions

Frame Size A B C D
Height (mm) 200 267.5 267.5 505
Width (mm) 75 90 140 200
Depth (mm) 168 168 168 244
VLT 2800 dimensions

VLT 2800 Specifications

  • 100% earth fault protection
  • Mains transient protection
  • Switching on input
  • Switching on output
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Designed according to EN50178
  • DeviceNet
  • ModBus RTU
  • Optional Profibus DP
  • Fieldbus systems
Mechanical attributes
  • Horizontal & vertical mounting
  • True side-by-side mounting
  • No derating
  • Also applies to modules
  • Temperature controlled fan
  • Compliance with EMC Standards.
  • Built-in EN 55011 1A filter, 25 m screened cable
  • No EMC disturbance.
  • EN 55011 1B filter available as module.
  • IT mains compatible version with RFI filter (up to 4 kW).
  • VLT 2880-2882 with RFI-switch.
  • DC-braking – approx. 20% braking torque
  • AC-braking – approx. 20% braking torque
  • Dynamic braking
  • – Brake chopper built-in
  • – 160% braking torque
Motor tuning
  • Perfect match between motor and drive
  • Measures the stator resistance (RS)
  • Better shaft performance
  • Measurements done without applying torque
  • Checks for missing motor phases


The VLT 2800 is a great general purpose variable speed drive and can be used for a variety of applications such as:

  1. > Fans & Pumps
  2. > Conveyors
  3. > Extruders
  4. > Mixers
  5. > Cutting
  6. > Rotary Spinning


Download more information about the VLT 2800 general purpose drives including manuals and brochures

Repair icon


Not only do we supply Danfoss drives we also have full capabilities to repair your variable speed drives from any manufacturer. When you repair your VLT 2800 with us you can rest assured you are receiving the best quality repair from an official Danfoss Drives Partner. 2 year warranty and no fix no fee promise on every repair.

Troubleshooting icon


The VLT2800 displays a range of error codes, alarms and messages on the keypad display to keep you informed of the status of the drive. These are particularly handy for troubleshooting your drive if their is a problem. Typical messages include motor overload, undervoltage and overvoltage.

Safety icon


These drives come with a range of features to ensure they adhere to safety standards and are designed according to EN50178. Typical product safety features include; 100% earth fault protection, mains transient protection, switching input, switching on output and galvanic isolation.

Reliability icon


Short circuit resistance means that the VLT 2800 will survive even short circuit of motor cables and short circuit of signal cables. They also do not derate at 40°C so that the drives operate normally in environment temperatures up to 40°C. The VLT 2800 also complies with EMC norm EN 55011 Class 1A and 1B.

How to find your VLT 2800 part number

The part number for your VLT 2800 inverter drive can be located on a label stuck to the top of the drive. This is the number we will need if you need us to supply a replacement drive, or the number you should use to search for prices online.

VLT 2800 part number diagram