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Our Products

Below are some of our Controller Technique Products...


The Unidrive M200 is a direct replacement for the popular Commander SK range. It is part of the Control Techniques most recent family of AC drives - the Unidrive M. It is suitable for many applications. Many Northern Industrial customers use the Unidrive M200 with fans, pumps, conveyors and mixers.


Digitax ST servo drives provide a complete solution for all your servo requirements. This Control Techniques drive series comes in several models. It is optimised for pulse duty servo applications that need high peak torque, ease of use, flexible integration features and dynamic response.


The Unidrive M700 is also part of the Unidrive M range. It provides a class-leading motor control for induction, permanent magnet and servo application. The Unidrive M700 is a high performance motor control which provides increased flexibility. It is suitable for machine builders and applications.


The Maestro range of DC brushed servo drives provide a cost effective solution to low power DC servo applications. When they were first released they were manufactured to the latest surface mount specifications. Available in three sizes - Mini, Midi and Maxi - they provide a quality and reliable solution.