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What is a DC link choke?

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Also known as a DC reactor, a DC link choke smooths the current flow to the variable speed drive and reduce damaging harmonics produced on the power line. AC reactors/AC link chokes also do the same job as a DC link choke, but there are a number of advantages of using a DC choke over an AC one.

Advantages of using a DC link choke

  • Reduces the harmonic currents therefore improves the power factor of a drive
  • Increases the lifetime of the capacitors from typical 6 years under full load to 10 years under full load
  • Produces less heat than an equivalent AC choke resulting in better efficiency and less panel heating
  • To achieve the same effect with external line chokes, the voltage drop over the AC choke is typically 3-4% resulting in reduced motor voltage at full speed

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