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Best Selling Allen Bradley Spare Parts

Allen Bradley are a US-based automation giant, with some of the most renowned product ranges ever used in manufacturing plants around the world. Some of these are now obsolete, such as PLC-2 and PLC-5, whilst others like the SLC-500, ControlLogix and PowerFlex drives are still manufactured. Whatever Allen Bradley spare parts you need, we have you covered with new, refurbished and surplus parts to suit budgets and time constraints. Browse stock below and enjoy a full 2 year warranty on all parts and repairs, tracked delivery to your door and technical support when needed.
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    • Enables your Point I/O system to communicate with other devices over industrial ethernet
    • Before you can use your 1734-AENTR adapter in an EtherNet/IP network you must configure it with an IP address, Subnet mask, and optional Gateway address
    184,32 $US
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    • Enables POINT I/O system to communicate with other devices other the industrial EtherNET/IP network
    • A total of 63 POINT I/O modules can be assembled on a single EtherNet/IP node.
    154,88 $US
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    • EtherNet/IP Bridge Module for the ControlLogix Platform
    • EtherNet/IP communication rate : 10/100 Mbps, Logix communication connections : 256, TCP/IP Connections 128
    • Occupies 1 slot in Chasis - Supported chasis 1756-A4, 1756-A7, 1756-A10, 1756-A13, 1756-A17
    1 082,88 $US
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    • Analog input module for the ControlLogix range
    • 16 single-ended inputs, 8 differential or 4 differential (high speed) inputs
    • Terminal block is removable
    524,80 $US
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    • Digital input module for the POINT I/O range
    • 24V DC 8 Point Sink Input Module
    • TB/TBS terminal base
    61,44 $US
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    • ControlLogix. 2-port Ethernet module.
    • Dual Copper
    • Embedded switch.
    • Communications 10/100Mbps.
    • Supports 128 TCP/IP connections.
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    • The 1756-ENBT module enables you to control distributed I/O, perform high-speed processor interlocking and route to devices on other NetLinx networks using EtherNet/IP as a backbone
    • Control, configure, and collect data on a single EtherNet/IP network - 10/100 Mbps full duplex
    • Completely backwards compatible, replace 1756-ENET modules in your system with 1756-ENBT modules without modifying your current program
    471,58 $US
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