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Latest and most advanced range of DC drives manufactured by Control Techniques


Replaces the popular Mentor II range of DC drives also by Control Techniques


Two and four quadrant versions available with an amp rating of 25A to 7400A


Can be used for a huge array of applications particularly those requiring high power or regen.

Easy motor control up to 110KW


2 Quadrant DC drives from 25A to 1850A


4 Quadrant DC drives from 25A to 1850A

Control Techniques Mentor MP

Mentor MP Product Information

The Mentor MP is a desirable DC drive thanks to its many features and benefits. With two or four quadrant varieties available in a range of power ratings, they are suitable for many applications. As an official Mentor MP distributor, Northern Industrial can specify the right MP drive for your application.

  1. > Three option module slots for automation control, I/O, feedback devices and communications plus a Smart card for PLC program and parameter storage
  2. > Galvanic isolation between power and control protects the control circuits and other equipment connected to the drive from the high voltages on the power circuit
  3. > High performance motor control due to 32 bit microprocessor, 35µs current sampling time, speed controller and ramps update 250µs, auto tune features for armature, field current loops and speed loop
  4. > Protection for over current , over temp, phase loss, feedback loss, field loss, armature open loss

Accessories & Software

Operator interfaces

Operator Interface


CT Soft & CT Scope

MP Keypad

MP Keypad

SM Keypad




I/O modules


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Mentor MP Dimensions

FRAME SIZE 1a 1b 2a 2b 2c 2d
DIMENSIONS mm 370 X 250 X 222 350 X 250 X 251 423 X 450 X 301 423 X 450 X 301 1045 X 450 X 510 1505 X 450 X 510
(H x W x D) in 14.57 X 9.84 X 9.88 14.57 X 9.84 X 9.88 16.65 X 17.72 X 11.85 16.65 X 17.72 X 11.85 41.14 X 17.72 X 20.08 59.25 X 17.72 X 20.08
Mentor MP dimensions


DIMENSIONS mm 370 X 250 X 222
(H x W x D) in 14.57 X 9.84 X 8.74


DIMENSIONS mm 350 X 250 X 251
(H x W x D) in 14.57 X 9.84 X 9.88


DIMENSIONS mm 423 X 450 X 301
(H x W x D) in 16.65 X 17.72 X 11.85


DIMENSIONS mm 3423 X 450 X 301
(H x W x D) in 16.65 X 17.72 X 11.85


DIMENSIONS mm 1045 X 450 X 510
(H x W x D) in 41.14 X 17.72 X 20.08


DIMENSIONS mm 1505 X 450 X 510
(H x W x D) in 59.25 X 17.72 X 20.08

Mentor MP Specifications

  • High performance control strategy
  • 32 bit microprocessor
  • 35µs current sampling time
  • Speed controller and ramps update 250µs
  • Autotune features for armature, field current loops and speed loops

Integrated drive and motor protection for:

  • Over current
  • Over temperature
  • Phase loss
  • Thyristor junction temperature
  • Feedback loss
  • Field loss
  • Armature open circuit
  • Serial port for Modbus RTU and PC communications, option slot available for Ethernet & Fieldbus communications

Standard software features for easy integration:

  • PID controller
  • Motorised potentiometer
  • Digital lock
Control modes
  • Open loop control using estimated speed advanced processing based on armature voltage and field flux feedback
  • Closed loop control using: tacho-generator feedback for connection to traditional DC motor; incremental encoder feedback for higher accuracy and position control; optional SinCos, SSI, Hiperface and EnDAT connectivity for high performance applications.
  • Smartcard for drive parameter back-up & copying
  • Integrated PLC as standard
  • Galvanically isolated control
  • Option slot for PLC control, additional I/O, comms & feedback devices

Mentor MP Drive Features

Mentor MP features


The Mentor MP is perfectly suited for a wide range of DC motor control applications including:

  1. > Extruders
  2. > Crane & Hoist
  3. > Elevators
  4. > Tyre & Rubber
  5. > Metals
  6. > Marine
  7. > Wire drawing
  1. > Paper
  2. > Winders
  3. > Glass
  4. > Fair Grounds
  5. > Crushers
  6. > Spindle drives

With onboard intelligence, I/O, Ethernet and Fieldbus communication options, the Mentor MP allows you to do more more than you would expect from a general purpose DC drive


Download more information about the Mentor MP in PDF format including quick start guides, catalogues and parameter information

Software icon

Configuration with CTSoft

CTSoft is a drive configuration tool for commissioning, optimising and monitoring CT drives. It allows you to; use the configuration wizard to commission your drive; read, save and load drive configuration settings; manage the drive’s Smartcard data; and visualise and modify the configuration with live animated diagrams.

Lightbulb icon

Intelligently driven

Mentor MP allows the drive system designer to embed automation and motion control within the drive, eliminating communication delays that reduce performance while CTNet, a high performance drive-to-drive network links the different parts of the system.

Repair icon


With 35+ years of repairing industrial automation parts there’s not many DC drive problems we haven’t encountered. We have bespoke test facilities in place to fully load test DC drives and regularly repair drives up to 450kW. All of our DC drive repairs come with a 2 year warranty and our no fix no fee promise.

Troubleshooting icon


If you are experiencing a fault or error code with your Mentor MP head to the downloads section and grab the manual which lists all of the fault codes and their meanings. Alternatively you can also give us a call, as an official Mentor MP distributor our factory-trained engineers are experienced in solving all faults on the Mentor MP range.

Upgrading from Mentor II

Mentor II to Mentor MP upgrade

Mentor MP has been designed so existing Mentor II customers can easily migrate to the new platform. All power terminal locations and mounting points have been retained and software tools have been developed to assist transfer of drive parameters and programs. If you are planning to upgrade your DC system, whether it is a Mentor or other manufacturer’s drive, Mentor MP is the clear choice.

The new FXMP25 replaces the existing FXM5 option. It may be controlled digitally by the Mentor MP or Mentor II using a standard RJ45 patch lead or ribbon cable respectively, allowing set-up by standard drive parameters. The FXMP25 has the same physical dimensions as the existing FXM5, but extends its current range to 25A. In standalone mode it is configured by its own keypad and display.

There are large numbers of DC motors in service throughout the world in various applications, the majority of which are easily capable of providing continued service. Many of these DC motors are controlled with old analogue DC drives like the Lenze 490 series and Siemens Simoreg series. Upgrading your analogue drive allows you to maximise the motor performance, enhance system reliability and interface digitally with modern control equipment using Ethernet and fieldbus networks. If you’re worried about downtime, Northern Industrial’s onsite engineers can retrofit your DC drive for you with minimal downtime.

Greater Field Control

Mentor MP field control

Every Mentor MP has a field controller as standard. This will enable the control of the majority of DC motors encountered in the market today. However, for the following situations, the optional FXMP25 external field controller is offered:

  • > The required field current is greater than that offered by the standard drive, but not greater than 25A. For example, older motors with low field voltages.
  • > The field is required to be forced down more quickly than is possible with the standard half controlled field bridge. For example, on spindle motors or motors with high field time constants where the field is required to weaken more quickly than the natural time constant of the field winding.
  • > The application can be implemented with simple field current reversal, without armature reversal. For example, applications where a rapid change in torque direction is not required. With the Mentor MP it is possible to implement a four quadrant system with a two quadrant armature converter where a slow change in torque direction can be tolerated.

How to find your Mentor MP part number

You can find the part number for your Mentor MP drive on the front of the unit. The Mentor MP numbers usually follow a particular format, for example MP1200A4R with each part of the number indicating something about the unit, such as amp rating, supply voltage and the number of quadrants.

Part number diagram