Telemecanique TSX47-40 Series 7 Version V4 Processor Module

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TSX47-40 Series 7 Version V4 Processor Module

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The Telemecanique TSXP47420 is a high end Version 4 processor module for the TSX7  TSX74 40 series of multifuction PLCs. The module can control a wide range of modules including discrete I/O, analog I/O, counting and positioning interface modules and intelligent modules.  


The processor occupies one slot within the basic PLC rack and must be installed in the slot market M to the right of the power sipply module.  The backplane of the rack must be set to code 982 for the unit to work correctly. 

Physical Apperance

The  front of the TSXP47420 features;

  • A slot to receiving a memory catridge (RAM or EPROM). The cartridge can have a capacity of 32K to 256K words.  
  • Terminal programming port (20 ma current loop)
  • A Run light which will be green if the processor is working correctly
  • A CPU light which will be red if the processor is malfunctioning
  • A memory light which will be red if there is a user memory fault
  • A I/O lamp which will be red if there is an I/O fault. 
  • A connector for receiving local or remote in rack extensions. 
Programming the Telemecanique TSX47420 

A copy of PL7-3 software is required to programme the TSX-P47-420 . The standard version of PL7-3 runs on OS/2 however it is possible to purchase a copy which runs on DOS 3.2 or DOS 3.3.  The software provides

  • A muli task structure including: master task, fast task, interrupt and auxilary task
  • Modular and symbolic programming
  • The Integration of optional function blocks, designed to simplify the programming of intelligent modules
  • The opportunity to modify programs during execution


FunctionsNo of Rack mounted discrete I/O1024
No of Modules4
No of Network connections1
Integrated UNI-Telewayyes
Rack mounted Teleway modulesYes
Rack mounted Mapway/EthwayYes
Memory  Max Memory Size112K words
Internal RAM48K words
User Cartridge32/64K words
Bit Instructions0.50 us
Arithmetic Operations11.6 us
Logic Operations15.5 us
 Max Size No of Slot48
No of Racks6
Tasks   Master1

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RangeTSX Series 10

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