Telemecanique ASYNC Serial Interface Module

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ASYNC Serial Interface Module

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The Telemecanique TSXSCM2012 is a half duplex communication modules with 2 independent channels are used for data exchanges between TSX/PMX Series 7 modular PLCs and a wide range of peripherals equipped with an asynchronous serial communication interface conforming to the following standards :

  • RS232C
  • 20 mA current loop
  • RS422 / RS485
Like all TSX SCM communicationmodules, the TSXSCM2012 is made up of a basic card with 2 channel adapaters and comprises of 2 x female SUB-D connectors (for channel 1 and 2. The green lamp module powered up and operating correctly.

The TSXSCM2012 is the half duplex character string version. The character string version of the module transmits a character string, without checks or protocol, in either direction between the PLC memory and a peripheral. The communication modules transmit and receive character strings independently on each channel. Transmission characteristics : bit rate, format, parity and number of stop bits are configured by program using an OFB optional function block or a text function block. Transmission consists of exchanging a table of predefined words between the PLC memory and the module memory which then transmits it to the peripheral device. In reception mode, the module receives the characters from the peripheral and, at the request of the user program, transmits them to the PLC memory. At any given moment, each module channel can transmit or receive, but never both at the same time



TSXSCM2012 Technical Specifications


Data Exchange ProtocolChannel 0 and 1 - Character String Half Duplex
Physical Layer Channel 0Isolated RS232C
Physical Layer Channel 120Ma Current Loop
Part NumberTSXSCM2012

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Range typeInterface Module
RangeTSX Series 10

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