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Versatile design

Built on a flexible, modular design concept for versatile motor control

Easy to use

You can commission the VLT Lift Drive in as little as 10 minutes

Wide power range

Available from 0.25kW to 1.4MW in a range of supply voltages

Ideal for retrofits

The compact design and wide range of features make it easy to retrofit

Dedicated Lift Drives up to 1.4MW

Developed specifically for elevators to provide reliable and excellent ride comfort , the LD-302 VLT Lift Drive is compact, rugged and optimised for easy installation. The VLT Lift Drive range can be used reliably in all environments thanks to the variety of available housing and protection classes. You don’t need an expert to setup your drive either - parameterisation is tailored specifically for lifts with all settings using “elevator language” for the shortest possible setup time.

  • Operates without contactors: No switching noise
  • Fans work only when needed. No noise emission when not in use
  • Integrated harmonic suppression reactors reduce TV/radio interference
  • Reduced panel space due to integrated filter, reactor and brake
  • Wall mount: requires no cabinet space, can be mounted close to motor
  • Operation without absolute encoders for PM motor
  • Operation modes with reduced peak currents for hydraulic elevators
  • Inverter efficiency >98% incl. filter and harmonic suppression reactors
  • Optimised savings on hydraulic elevators
  • Operation modes with reduced peak currents for hydraulic elevators

Accessories & Software



Functional options

Functional options

Motion controls

Motion controls





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VLT Lift Drive LD 302

VLT Lift Drive LD 302

VLT Lift Drive Dimensions

Frame Size A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 B1 B2 B3 B4 C1 C2 C3 C4
Height (mm) 200 268 268 390 420 480 650 399 520 680 770 550 660
Width (mm) 75 90 130 200 242 242 242 165 230 308 370 308 370
Depth (mm) 207 205 205 175 215 210 210 140 200 310 335 333 333

Frame Size A1

Height (mm) 200
Width (mm) 75
Depth (mm) 207

Frame Size A2

Height (mm) 268
Width (mm) 90
Depth (mm) 205

Frame Size A3

Height (mm) 268
Width (mm) 130
Depth (mm) 205

Frame Size A4

Height (mm) 390
Width (mm) 200
Depth (mm) 175

Frame Size A5

Height (mm) 420
Width (mm) 242
Depth (mm) 215

Frame Size B1

Height (mm) 480
Width (mm) 242
Depth (mm) 210

Frame Size B2

Height (mm) 650
Width (mm) 242
Depth (mm) 210

Frame Size B3

Height (mm) 399
Width (mm) 165
Depth (mm) 140

Frame Size B4

Height (mm) 520
Width (mm) 230
Depth (mm) 200

Frame Size C1

Height (mm) 680
Width (mm) 308
Depth (mm) 310

Frame Size C2

Height (mm) 770
Width (mm) 370
Depth (mm) 335

Frame Size C3

Height (mm) 550
Width (mm) 308
Depth (mm) 333

Frame Size C4

Height (mm) 660
Width (mm) 370
Depth (mm) 333

VLT Lift Drive Specifications

Mains supply
  • 3-Phase 380 - 400VAC ±10%
  • 50/60Hz
  • Displacement power factor (cos ф): >0.98 near unity
  • Harmonic disturbance: Meets EN 63000-3-12
Onboard I/O
  • Programmable digital inputs: 6 (2 programmable as output)
  • Analogue inputs: 2
  • Pulse/encoder inputs: 1
  • Programmable digital/pulse outputs: 2
  • Programmable analogue outputs: 1
  • Relay outputs: 2
Supported motor feedback
  • Incremental: 5V TTL (RS422),
  • Incremental: 1Vpp SinCos,
  • Absolute: ENDAT, Hiperface
Supported motor types
  • Asynchronous motors in open and closed loop, permanent magnet synchronous motors in open or closed loop
Control card
  • USB interface: 1.1 (full speed)
  • USB plug: Type “B”
  • RS485 interface up to 115 kBaud
  • Max. load (10 V): 15mA
  • Ax. load (24 V): 200mA
Surroundings/ external
  • Enclosure: IP20, IP55
  • Vibration test: 1.0g
  • Max. THVD 10%
  • Max. relative humidity: 5% - 93% (IEC721-3-3; Class 3K3 (non-condensing) during operation
  • Ambient temperature: 45°C without derating (higher temperatures possible with derating)
  • RFI filter: included as standard
  • DC-Coils: included as standard


You can use the VLT Lift Drive in many lift applications:

  1. > Mid-range to high-rise residential and commercial building lifts
  2. > Industrial site freight lifts
  3. > Mine-shaft lifts
  4. > Recreational applications such as ski lifts, boat lifts, aircraft lifts or elevators, vehicle lifts, walkways


Download more information about the VLT Lift Drive in PDF format including manuals and brochures.

Reliable icon

Built to be reliable

Danfoss are known for their reliability and because of this they test all the drives they build like no one else. Every single unit is factory tested for up to 45 minutes at full load before it is despatched so you can be confident that your system will simply keep on running with the minimum amount of service when others have reached the end of the line.

Flexible icon

Flexible drive for new projects and retrofits

Designed for all motors and grid voltages, the Danfoss VLT Lift Drive is suitable for both traction and hydraulic elevators in open or closed loop systems. Fitting all common feedback systems, these VLT drives are quick to commission with just 10 parameters communicated with elevator terminology.

Repairs icon

Operation with any typical motor type

Using the Static Automatic Motor Adaption function for asynchronous and PM motors, you can commission quickly and easily without removing the ropes from the traction sheaves. With many other drives this is not the case and can lead to the time consuming process of having to remove the ropes.

Commission icon

Easy to commission

With dedicated software it’s easy to handle the drive’s setup and service. You can access the software at any time through the keypad which has a clear graphical display. The read-outs are simple, clear and include the scope function that presents analogue and digital data. Parameterisation is tailored to lifts, using language familiar to people in the elevation industry.

Easily upgrade obsolete lift drives with the LD 302

VLT Lift Drive Repair

The LD-302 has been designed to be an easy replacement for many older, obsolete lift drives. Additional features, compact design and easy commissioning make it ideal for replacing a wide range of obsolete drives from manufacturers like Yaskawa, Omron and Magnetek.

  • Patented Safe Stop technology for higher reliability and space saving
  • Choose from IP20, 21, 55 and 66 protection rating for flexible installation options
  • Dedicated lift functionality reduces total system costs and noise from the lift shaft
  • Integrated RFI filter and DC coils provides lower installation costs, reduces space requirements and complies easily with EMC and harmonics standards

How to find your VLT Lift Drive part number

The part number for your VLT LD 302 inverter drive can be located on a label stuck to the top of the drive. This is the number we will need if you need us to supply a replacement drive, or the number you should use to search for prices online.

VLT Lift Drive part number