CDIO 16/16-0,5
Moog Intelligent I/O Control Module

Intelligent I/O Control Module

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The Moog CDIO 16/16-0,5 provides distributed intelligence for transparent automation solutions. In addition toits real time processor technology, this module features 16 digital inputs plus 16 individually configurable digital I/Os on board. With a small space requirements the CDIO 16/16-0,5 is ideal for distributed solutions. Designed for in-line configurations, this module simple snaps to standard rails. If an as required for local extensions, up to 6 add-on modules can be mouted in line with the control module.  The module extension bus (E-Bus) is used for the associated connections. The control unit thus set up are networked via the CANbus.  The module provides a full fledget CAN CAL master/slave implementation and a CANopen master implementation as a library for IEC 1131 and C.

  • Programming in C oder IEC 1131
  • 2 CAN interface 
  • 16 digital input ports
  • 16 digital I/O ports for individual configuration.

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PDF Berghof CDIO 16/16-0,5 Manual

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