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9300 Servo Inverters
By Lenze
Intelligent inverters from 0.37 to 75kW
Lenze 9300 Servo inverters

In this range of inverters, different drive tasks are easily realised whether they are simple speed control or the control of multiple drives with synchronisation and positioning. With their modular design, you can add modules to the 9300 servo range to suit the task at hand, including communication modules, keypads and backup devices. We have customers who use these drives for tasks including robotics, palletisers, hoists, conveying and handling.

Digital and analog

Control connections on these inverters are available in both digital and analog formats and are designed as pluggable terminals. Each 9300 servo drive includes 2 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 6 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs.

Visualise with Keypad XT

The operating module, Keypad XT, plugs into the front of the 9300 Servo drives and provides a means to visualise operator parameters, status display and error diagnosis. You can also use Keypad XT to set and transfer parameters between drives.

Communication options

Each 9300 Servo inverter has a slot on the front of the drive for the keypad or, if preferred, a communication module. Lenze have created several communication modules so users can connect to popular Fieldbus networks including DeviceNet, Interbus and Profibus.

Safe torque off

You can also select a drive with the safe torque off function integrated into the servo drive. This variant is available for safe standstill controller function.

Uniform interface

Whichever version of the Lenze 9300 you have, each drive has a standard interface with consistent programming language for parameter sets making it easy for engineers to go from one drive in the range to another.

Push-through technique

Users can use the push-through technique, also known as thermal separation of the heatsink, for drives rated between 0.37 and 75kW as it is recommended for some applications. Mounting sets are available for users who wish to separate the heatsink.


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Range typeVariable Speed Drive
Range9300 Series

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