Modicon Line Tap Coax F-Type 75Ohm

Line Tap Coax F-Type 75Ohm

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  • Modicon MA-0185-000
  • 2 year Northern Industrial Warranty
  • Fully functionally tested, cleaned and factory reset (if necessary)
  • Professionally refurbished
  • Refurbished items may feature minor cosmetic blemishes and are not supplied with original packaging or accessories.
  • Supplies are limited and subject to prior sale

Line Tap Coax F-Type 75Ohm

About the Manufacturer

In 1968, Bedford Associates manufactured the first PLC named the 084. They decided to begin a new company to focus on developing this new product and so the company known as Modicon was born. The name Modicon is an acronym of the phrase Modular Digital Controller, which the company focused on with the release of several other PLCs after the 084. These included the Modicon 184, 284 and 384. In 1977, Modicon were taken over by Gould Electronics before being acquired by AEG and later than that Schneider Electric who currently own the company. As well as the earlier models and ranges, nicontrols supports the more recent Modicon releases including the Quantum, Momentum and the popular 984 Series. Got a query about MA-0185-000? Contact us and one of our team will be more than happy to assist.


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