SKC3400400 | Control Techniques Commander SK 4KW Inverter Drive 380...480V AC 3 Phase 9A

  • General purpose Commander SK AC drive with keypad included as standard
  • Suitable for AC motors rated up to 4kW and 9A
  • Most commonly used parameters displayed on the front cover
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The SKC3400400 is a 4kW 9A 380...480V AC AC drive designed to control the speed of an AC motor.. Like all members of the Commander SK range, the Control Techniques SKC3400400 is incredibly easy to set-up, configure and install. Fortunately simplicity does not come at the expense of features and with onboard intelligence, I/O, Ethernet and Fieldbus communications options. Commander SK allows you to do far more than you would expect from a standard open loop 4kW AC drive. As an official Control Techniques Integration Partner, Northern Industrial are able to provide pre and post technical support as well as a wide selection of option modules.

Performance and Reliability

Control Techniques has built its reputation for manufacturing quality, high performance AC variable frequency drives with industry-leading warranties and the SKC3400400 is no different. The Commander SK offers unique performance and functionality for a general purpose drive, while delivering greater efficiency and energy savings. The Commander SK possesses advanced features like PID controller, output frequency up to 1500 Hz, brake control function, threshold detectors, variable selector, motorised pot, logic functions, time delay, and second motor map. Add the LogicStick for PLC functionality to the SKC3400400, plug in a Fieldbus or I/O Solution Module and you have a high-value, low cost 4kW drive with the power to perform.

Setting Up Your Commander SK

Setting up the SKC3400400 is simple thanks to the innovative CTSoft drive configuration tool, which is included free of charge with any new Commander SK. CTSoft is for the commissioning, optimising and monitoring of Control Techniques drives. This software allows you to:

  • Commission the drive using the configuration wizards
  • Read, save and load drive configuration settings
  • Remotely control the drive with simulated run, stop, reverse and jog push buttons
  • Visualise and modify the configuration with live animated diagrams
Key Specifications of SKC3400400
  • Commander SK FeaturesAutomatic no-spin autotune for rapid performance optimization
  • 8 preset speeds available for greater application flexibility
  • Keypad access to all parameters – basic and advanced menus
  • Open loop vector control. Speed or Torque control
  • Speed reference input: 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA (-10V to +10V SM-I/O Lite option)
  • Switching frequency from 3kHz up to 18kHz - quiet motor operation
  • Output frequency from 0 to 1500 Hz
  • Linear and S type acceleration and deceleration ramps
  • Modbus RTU RS485 via RJ45 connector as standard
  • DC injection braking as standard
  • Dynamic braking transistor as standard
  • Energy savings with dynamic motor flux V/Hz
  • Fan and pump energy optimization with quadratic motor flux V/Hz
  • Advanced standard software features, such as timers,thresholds, maths blocks, logic operators, PID controller and kW/h meter
Control Specifications
  • Open loop: V/Hz (default) or vector control
  • Speed or torque control
  • Reference input: 0-10VDC, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, presets, frequency
  • (-10 to +10V SM-I/O Lite option)
  • Four digital inputs- Stop Enable, Run, Jog, Local/Remote (default)
  • Switching frequency: 3kHz (default) – 6kHz – 12kHz– 18kHz
  • Output frequency: 0 to 1500Hz
  • Acceleration and deceleration ramps (linear and S-type)
  • One digital output–logic or frequency, zero speed (default)
  • One Relay output–drive healthy (default)
  • Serial communication - Modbus RTU RS485 via RJ45 connector
  • Baud rate 4800, 9600, 19200, or 38400 bits per second
  • DC injection braking as standard
  • Dynamic braking transistor as standard
  • Dynamic motor flux V/Hz for energy saving
  • Quadratic motor flux V/Hz for fan and pump optimisation
Accessories & Option Modules for Commander SK Inverters

The SKC3400400 has a wealth of plug-in option modules designed to expand the functionality of the Commander SK AC drive. These include keypads, storage, communications modules, input/output modules and automation options.

Keypads and Storage
  • SK-Keypad - This is a panel mounting LED display and keypad with a high IP65 rating
  • SM-Keypad Plus - Plain text, multi-language LCD keypad
  • HMI Panels - A range of fully configurable LCD touch screen display
  • SmartStick - Inserting the SmartStick into the front facia of the drive enables parameters to be copied from one drive to another. This is especially useful for replacing a configuration across multiple drives
  • LogicStick - Inserting the LogicStick into the front facia of the drive adds the required memory storage for use of the onboard PLC features. This is an advantage in applications where traditionally a small external PLC would normally be used
Communication Options
  • SM-CANopen - The CANopen interface supports various profiles including several drive profiles
  • SM-Profinet - Profinet is an Ethernet based industrial network protocol adapting Ethernet hardware and protocols
  • SM-DeviceNet - DeviceNet option module
  • SM-Profibus-DP - Slave/follower option module
  • SM-EtherCAT - Slave/follower option module for high performance servo applications
  • SM-LON - LonWorks interface for building automation applications
  • SM-Ethernet - Supports Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP and can generate emails. Provides high speed drive access, global connectivity and integration with IT network technologies
  • SM-Interbus - Interbus interface option module
Input/Output Option Modules
  • SM IO 24V Protected - Overvoltage protected I/O module
  • SM-IO 32 - Extended digital I/O, adding 32 digital high speed bi-directional I/O points to the drive
  • SM-IO 120V - Module that provides digital I/O rated to 120 VAC
  • SM-IO Timer - Extended I/O option module with real time clock
  • SM-IO Lite - Extended I/O interface with reduced functionality
  • SM-IO Pelv - NAMUR standard I/O interface with high speed I/O
Installation Options
  • An internal braking transistor is standard on Commander SK, by fitting an optional braking resistor you can decelerate even heavier loads more rapidly
  • UL Type I kit and cover kit options up to a size D
  • Additional EMC Filters supplement the drives internal filter to allow you to meet eveb more stringent standards
  • Safe isolated serial and USB cables to link your PC with the drive
  • The robust SK Cable Bracket makes it easier to support heavy cables and conduit glands to the drives
  • PC software tools are included with the drive to provide the means to gain easy access to the advanced features

Commander SK CT Soft drive configuration toolControl Techniques have a range of software available to complement your variable frequency drive's operation. This software is Windows based providing user familiarity right from the offset. The variable frequency drive software packages allow users to access their Commander SK variable speed drives from anywhere in the world. There are several software packages available that allow you to do different things:

Monitoring and commissioning software
  • CT Soft - Drive configuration tool for commissioning, optimising and monitoring Control Techniques drives
  • CT Scope - Real-time full featured software for viewing and analysing changing values within the drive
Automation and motion programming software
  • SyPTLite - Ladder diagram editor that allows users to develop simple programs for Control Techniques inverter drives and option modules
Analysis Software
  • CT Energy Savings Estimator - This energy optimising software helps you analyse the energy usage for different applications and calculate cost savings using variable speed drives
  • CT Harmonic Calculator - A supply harmonics calculator that will help you to economically meet the required standards for your installation
Connectivity Software
  • CTOPCServer - An OPC compliant server for interfacing your own PC software with Control Techniques inverter drives
PLC Functionality

Add PLC functionality to your Commander SK VSD by adding the optional LogicStick memory device. The LogicStick plugs in to the SKC3400400 and adds the extra memory required to run a Ladder Logic PLC program. This PLC function can remove the need for micro and nano PLCs reducing costs and cabinet space.

For additional information or help setting up your Commander SK please do not hesitate to contact us. As a Control Techniques Systems Integrator, Northern Industrial are able to provide the support you need.

Alternative PartnumberN/A Product StatusCurrent, Franchised
UPCN/A RangeCommander SK
CategoryN/A Communications OptionsN/A
No Digital Inputs4 No Digital Outputs (dedicated)1
No Analog Outputs1 PTC/KTY InputN/A
Pulse InputN/A NEMAN/A
LoopOpen IP RatingIP20
KeypadN/A Height (mm)240
Depth (mm)173 Power KW (Fan & Pump)N/A
Normal Duty AmpN/A Power KW (Constant Torque)4
Amp Rating (Constant Torque)9 Input PhaseThree Phase
ApplicationHVAC Fan & Pump, Simple Conformal CoatingN/A
Bidirectional ION/A   
PDFs & Videos
  • Control Techniques M200-034 00094 A

    Modern Equivalent

    The M200-034 00094A is the direct replacement for the SKC3400400. Automatically convert parameter sets with the free Unidrive M Connect software for a straightforward swap to the new range with full support and enhanced features.

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