Control Techniques Unidrive SP 4kW Inverter Drive 9.5A 380...480V AC Three Phase

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Unidrive SP 4kW Inverter Drive 9.5A 380...480V AC Three Phase

About this product

Here is all you need to know

Part of the Unidrive SP range, SP1406is a 4kW, 9.5 A, 380...480V AC VSD manufactured by Control Techniques. As an official Control Techniques distributor, Northern Industrial supply the whole range of Unidrive SP variable frequency drives, including options to expand the functionality of the SP1406 inverter. Control Techniques design all of their drives to be easy to install and commission, and the Unidrive SP is no different.

High Performance Motor Control

Take advantage of the several control modes included on the SP1406 and use your Unidrive SP to control induction, asynchronous servo and synchronous servo motors By using the keypad, you can configure your VSD to be operated in the following modes:

  • Servo - Precision, dynamic control supporting a wide range of rotary and linear motors
  • Closed Loop Vector - Ultimate precision control of induction motors offering full motor torque at zero speed
  • RFC Mode (Rotor Flux Control) - Superior dynamic performance and stability without a feedback device
  • Open Loop Vector - Good open loop motor performance with minimum configuration
  • Open Loop V/F Control - A simple control algorithm that is ideal for parallel motors
  • Regenerative - Active front end control mode for harmonic elimination and regeneration
Many Feedback Encoder Options

The Unidrive SP range has the hardware needed to connect to virtually any feedback encoder type, which enables the designer to select the most appropriate technology for the application.Incremental - Provides a good balance of cost and performance

  • SinCos - Offers increased position resolution for precision and low speed applications
  • SSI - Offers absolute position feedback
  • EnDat and HIPERFACE - These encoders transfer position data using a high-speed communications network, often combined with SinCos technology
Widest Range of System Integration Features

Select the level of integrated automation/motion control, connectivity and I/O that you need by using the plug-in option modules compatible with the Unidrive SP. SP1406 has room for three option modules, which you can select from the wide array of system integration features. Northern Industrial stock a wide range of option modules that are available for immediate despatch.

  • Input/Output options - Including SM-I/O 32, SM-I/O Plus, SM-I/O LiteUnidrive SP option modules - Profibus-DP
  • PLC/Motion functionality options - Including SM-Applications Lite V2, SM-Applications Plus, SM-EZMotion, SM-Register
  • Communications options - Including SM-EtherCAT, SM-LON, SM-Profibus DP, SM-Interbus, SM-DeviceNet, SM-Ethernet, SM-CANopen, SM-SERCOS, SM-CAN, SM-PROFINET
  • Feedback options - Including SM-Universal Encoder PLus, SM-Encoder Plus, SM-Resolver, SM-Encoder Output Plus
Simplify Set Up with a Smartcard

Commissioning new drives or backing up your parameter sets is made easy thanks to the Smartcard, which is provided with every Unidrive SP,including the SP14064kW VSD The Smartcard enables you to:

  • Store parameters and programsSmartcard for Control Techniques Unidrive SP
  • Simplify drive maintenance and commissioning
  • Set sequential build of machines up quickly
  • Machine upgrades can be stored on a Smartcard and sent to the customer for installation
On-Board PLC

For simple drive control applications using relay logic or a micro PLC, the SP1406 variable frequency drive’s inbuilt programmable controller is suitable. The on-board PLC is configured using an easy-to-use ladder logic program editor.

Back-Up Power Supplies for Continuous Operation

Ensure that your SP1406 VSD is always ready for action thanks to the back up power supplies. Start up routines are eliminated and safety back up for critical equipment is provided.

  • 24VDC input for control - Allows the control circuits of {part number} Unidrive SP to remain active when the AC supply is removed. This enables Fieldbus modules, application modules and encoders to continue to operate
  • 48-96VDC input for power - Allows the drives power output to control the motor, often used for emergency back-up situations such as for moving elevators to an exit during a power supply failure

Northern Industrial are happy to help with all Unidrive SP SP1406 4kW variable frequency drive requests, and can ship drives and options to you quickly.

Fast Commissioning

The Unidrive SP can be set up quickly and easily thanks to the software and Smartcard. There are two types of software that can be used with the Unidrive SP - CTSoft and CTScope.


CTSoft is a drive configuration tool for commissioning, optimising and monitoring Control Techniques drives. With CTSoft, you can:

  • Use the configuration tool to commission your driveCTScope
  • Read, save and load drive configuration settings
  • Manage the drives Smartcard data
  • Visualise and modify the configuration with live animated diagrams

This is a full featured software oscilloscope for viewing and analysing changing values within the drive. The time base can be set to give high speed capture for tuning or for longer term trends. The user interface is based on a traditional oscilloscope, making it familiar and friendly to all engineers across the globe.

Autotune is a feature accessible through CTSoft or the keypad to help you to get the best performance by measuring the motor and machine attributes and automatically optimising control parameters.

Any Questions?

If you require any assistance to ensure that this 4kW inverter drive from the Unidrive SP is suitable for your application and environment, give us a call or drop us an email for help. Northern Industrial are happy to help with all Unidrive SP SP1406 4kW inverter requests, and can ship drives and options to you quickly.


The Specs

The below specs apply to this product

ManufacturerControl Techniques
Height (mm)322
RangeUnidrive SP
Range typeVariable Speed Drive
ApplicationHigh Performance / HVAC Fan & Pump
Input PhaseThree Phase / Triphas?
Input Supply Voltage380...480V AC
Amp Rating (Constant Torque)9.5
Power KW (Constant Torque)4
Normal Duty Amp11
Power KW (Fan & Pump)5.5
Depth (mm)219
Width (mm)62
IP RatingIP20
Logic (PNP/NPN)Positive (PNP) / Negative (NPN)
LoopOpen / Closed
NEMANema 1
Relay Outputs1
No Analog Outputs2
No Digital Outputs (dedicated)3
No Analog Inputs3
No Digital Inputs7

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