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The Unidrive M700 is part of the Unidrive M range, Control Techniques latest family of inverter drives

Easy to Upgrade

Direct replacement for the Control Techniques Unidrive SP range of AC drives

Many Options

Options available to allow connection to a wide range of fieldbus networks including Ethernet

Various Applications

Suitable for a wide range of high performance applications from elevators to extruders

Control AC motors up to 250KW

200/240 VAC

Drives available from 0.75kW to 90kW

380/480 VAC

Drives available from 0.75kW to 250kW

500/575 VAC

Drives available from 1.5kW to 225kW


Drives available from 15kW to 250kW

Unidrive M700

M700 Product Information

The Unidrive M700 provides high-performance motor control and ultimate control flexibility for users, including machine builders and those with high specification industrial applications. It’s also the direct upgrade path for Unidrive SP users, having all the same great features only enhanced,

If you’re looking for high performance motor control with ultimate flexibility for your applications, the Unidrive M700 provides a complete solution. Not only is it ideal for high specification industrial applications, it also is the direct replacement for the popular Unidrive SP. Existing Unidrive SP users will notice the enhanced features of the M700 including:

  1. > Onboard PLC for logic programs
  2. > Six control modes including open loop vector, open & closed loop rotor flux control, open & closed loop permanent magnet motor, active front end
  3. > Option module slot for additional modules including communications, feedback and I/O options

Accessories & Software

Communication module
Communication modules

I/O module
I/O modules




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M700 Dimensions

Frame size 3 Frame size 4 Frame size 5 Frame size 6 Frame size 7 Frame size 8 Frame size 9 Frame size 10 Frame size 11
FRAME SIZE 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11*
DIMENSIONS mm 379 X 83 X 200 379 X 123.5 X 200 379 X 141 X 200 379 X 210 X 227 548 X 270 X 280 785 x 310 x 290 940 X 310 X 290 1054 X 310 X 290 1410 X 310 X 290
(H x W x D) in 14.96 X 3.3 X 7.9 14.9 X 4.9 X 7.9 14.9 X 5.6 X 7.9 14.96 X 8.3 X 8.9 21.6 X 10.6 X 11.0 30.9 X 12.2 X 11.4 37.0 X 12.2 X 11.4 41.5 X 12.2 X 11.4 55.5 X 12.2 X 11.4
WEIGHT KG (lb) 4.5 (9.9) 6.5 (14.3) 7.4 (16.3) 914 (30.9) 45 (99.2) 50 (110.2)

Frame Size 3

DIMENSIONS mm 379 X 83 X 200
Frame Size 3
(H x W x D) in 14.9 X 3.3 X 7.9
WEIGHT kg (lb) 4.5 (9.9)

Frame Size 4

DIMENSIONS mm 379 X 123.5 X 200 Frame Size 4
(H x W x D) in 14.9 X 4.9 X 7.9
WEIGHT kg (lb) 6.5 (14.3)

Frame Size 5

DIMENSIONS mm 379 X 141 X 200 Frame Size 5
(H x W x D) in 14.9 X 4.9 X 7.9
WEIGHT kg (lb) 7.4 (16.3)

Frame Size 6

DIMENSIONS mm 379 X 210 X 227 Frame Size 6
(H x W x D) in 14.9 X 8.3 X 8.9
WEIGHT kg (lb) 14 (30.9)

Frame Size 7

DIMENSIONS mm 548 X 270 X 280 Frame Size 7
(H x W x D) in 21.6 X 10.6 X 11.0
WEIGHT kg (lb) 45 (99.2)

Frame Size 8

DIMENSIONS mm 785 X 310 X 290 Frame Size 8
(H x W x D) in 30.9 X 12.2 X 11.4
WEIGHT kg (lb) 50 (110.2)

Frame Size 9

DIMENSIONS mm 940 X 310 X 290 Frame Size 9
(H x W x D) in 37.0 X 12.2 X 11.4
WEIGHT kg (lb)

Frame Size 10

DIMENSIONS mm 1054 X 310 X 290 Frame Size 10
(H x W x D) in 41.5 X 12.2 X 11.4
WEIGHT kg (lb)

Frame Size 11*

DIMENSIONS mm 1410 X 310 X 290 Frame Size 11
(H x W x D) in 55.5 X 12.2 X 11.4
WEIGHT kg (lb)


  • Current loop update: 62 µs
  • Heavy Duty peak rating: 200% (3 s)
  • Maximum output frequency: 550Hz
  • Switching frequency range: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 kHz (3 kHz defult)
  • High performance current controllers
Mechanical Attributes
  • Tile mounting on sizes 3, 4, 5
  • Unidrive SP compatible mechanical footprint either as standard or with conversion plates
  • Common DC bus connections on sizes 3, 4, 5, 6
Parameter Back Up
  • Ethernet/serial port cloning
  • SD card (using SC-Card Adaptor)
  • Smartcard reader support
  • Electronic motor nameplate parameter storage (HIPERFACE)
  • 2 x Encoder input and 1 x simulated encoder input
Machine Safety
  • 1 x Safe Torque Off (STO) terminal, (M702: 2 x STO)
Onboard Intelligence
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
  • Real-time tasks
  • Digital lock control
  • Advanced Motion Controller
Onboard Comms
  • Ethernet (2 switched ports), (M701: RS485)
Onboard I/O
  • 3 x Analogue input, 2 x Analogue output,
  • 4 x Digital input, 1 x Digital output, 3 x Bidirectional digital input or output
  • (M702: 3 x Digital input, 3 x Digital output and no Analogue I/O)
  • 1 x Relay output
Power and Motor Control
  • Stationary autotune for permanent magnet motors
  • Mechanical load resonance compensation
  • Wide operating range back-up DC supply
  • 24 V control back-up
  • Temperature controlled fan operation with user adjustable speed limit
  • User replaceable fan(s)
  • Conformal coating
  • Standby mode (energy saving)

Unidrive M700 Features

Unidrive M700 Features


  1. > Fans
  2. > Pumps
  3. > Winders
  4. > Conveyors
  5. > Complex processing machinery
  6. > Speed & position control


Download more information about the Unidrive M700 in PDF format including quick start guides, catalogues and parameter information

Parameterising icon


The handy Unidrive M Connect commissioning tool makes parameterising your new M700 drive easy, the familiar Windows interface helps you to commission and maintain Unidrive M inverters. Additional options such as the AI-Back-up and AI-Smart adapter enable you to transfer parameters to and from SD cards without mains power. We can also load your parameters for you when you buy a new drive from us.

Installation icon


The M700 has a range of keypads to choose from for in depth parameter and data descriptions to enhance your user experience. The choice of removable and remote mountable keypads make it easy to commissioning and monitoring your drive. Our engineers are on hand to help you with installation over the phone or can even come to site to install them for you depending on location.

Repair icon


With 35+ years of repairing industrial automation parts there’s not many drive problems we haven’t encountered. We have test rigs in place to fully test the M700 drives and all our drive repairs include a 2 year warranty and our no fix no fee promise. As a certified Integration Partner, you can find the best support for Control Techniques equipment at NIControls.

Troubleshooting icon


The M700 drives have a wide range of error codes that will display on the LCD keypad should an error occur with your variable speed drive. You can find more information about each error code in the drive manual in the PDF and downloads section. Alternatively you can give us a call and and we will do our best to resolve this with you over the phone.

Upgrading from the Unidrive SP to the M700

SP to M700 upgrade

Upgrading from the Unidrive SP to the M700 is easy and straightforward. The M701 drives from the M700 series are designed as the direct upgrade path for the Unidrive SP and there are a range of tools to make installation quick and easy.

Designed specifically to replace the SP - exact same out number of programmable inputs and outputs with the same default out of the box configuration.

All of the same great features of the Unidrive SP but with enhancements, for greater stability, protection and robustness.

The M700 drives are the same size or smaller than their SP counterparts with mounting adapters available to match the SP mounting holes so there is no drilling necessary.

The free Unidrive M Connect software automatically converts your Unidrive SP parameter set to be loaded into the M700. You can also use a Smartcard to transfer parameters from an SP to an M700.

How to find your M700 part number

You can find the part number for your M700 drive on the side of the unit. The M700 part numbers follow a particular format, for example M700-034 00025 A with each part of the number indicating something different about the unit, such as the frame size, voltage rating and current rating.

Part number diagram