User friendly

Minimum time and effort required to commission one or multiple drives

High performance

Can be set up to perform perfectly even in complex application set-ups


Coated circuit boards & optimum heat dissipation for increased reliability


Save space with this compact drive than can be side-by-side mounted

Reliable Motor Control up to 22kW

1-Phase 200/240VAC

Available from 0.18kW to 2.2kW

3-Phase 200/240VAC

Available from 0.25kW to 3.7kW

3-Phase 380/480VAC

Available from 0.37kW to 22kW

Danfoss VLT Micro Drive

VLT Micro Drive product information

Danfoss combines functionality and reliability in a small, compact package. Available up to 22kW, these small VSDs have numerous features including plug and play design, built in RFI filter and side-by-side mounting to save you even more space. They’re designed to be super reliable with excellent heat dissipation and coated PCBs to prolong lifespan.

  1. > Plug-and-play for minimum time and effort
  2. > Quick & easy to set up multiple drives
  3. > Intuitive parameter structure
  4. > Easy to read keypad
  5. > Smart Logic Controller reduces the need for an external PLC
  6. > Process PI-controller means no need for an external controller
  7. > Automatic Energy Optimiser means less energy consumption

Accessories & Software

Use the Danfoss Micro Drive accessories to enhance your experience.

  • Software

    Set up software

    Get a general overview and control even large systems with the VLT Motion Control Tool MCT 10 Setup Software.

  • Keypads


    There is a choice of keypad for the Micro Drive. Select between an IP54 rated model without potentiometer or the potentiometer version which is IP21 rated.

  • Remote mounting kit

    Remote mounting kit

    With the dedicated remote mounting kit you can mount the local control panel (keypad) in the cabinet door.

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VLT Micro Drive Dimensions

Frame Size M1 M2 M3 M4 M5
height (mm) 150 176 239 292 335
width (mm) 70 75 90 125 165
depth (mm) 148 168 194 241 248
VLT Micro Drive dimensions

VLT Micro Drive Specifications

  • Supply frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Displacement Power Factor (cos φ) near unity: (> 0.98)
  • Switching on input supply L1, L2, L3: 1–2 times/min.
Onboard I/O
  • 5 Digital inputs
  • 1 Pulse input
  • 2 Analogue inputs
  • 1 Analogue output
  • 1 Relay output
  • FC Protocol
  • Modbus RTU
  • Enclosure: IP20
  • Vibration test: 0.7 g
  • Max. relative humidity: 5%–95% (IEC 721-3-3; Class 3K3 (non-condensing) during operation
  • Aggressive environment: (IEC 721-3-3), coated class 3C3
  • Ambient temperature: Max. 50° C
  • 24-hour average: Max. 40° C

VLT Micro Drive Features

VLT Micro Drive Features


The VLT Micro Drive is designed for reliability in industrial application. As a general purpose drive you can use the Micro Drive in a range of applications including:

  1. > Mixers
  2. > Fans and pumps
  3. > Conveyors


Download more information about the VLT Micro Drive in PDF format including manuals and brochures.

keypad icon

Everything you need at your fingertips

Choose between two keypads for your Danfoss Micro Drive - one with or without a potentiometer. Both versions are remote mountable, have an illuminated LCD display and a selection of navigation buttons. Previous Danfoss drive users will feel at home with the well-known matrix menu structure and quick menus. Easy to read large figures lets you see drive status from a distance.

functions icon

Maximise space

Sometimes fitting everything into a control panel can seem like a game of Tetris. Thankfully the VLT Micro Drive is one of the smallest variable speed drives on the market. As well as being small it offers “side by side” mounting for additional space saving. Depending on your situation this could mean more drives in the same panel or a small panel for the same number of drives. Boffins at Danfoss have calculated up to 5% of the drive cost can be saved in reducing panel space.

tick icon

Built-in brake functions & RFI filter

With built-in DC and AC brake functions the VLT Micro Drive can transform kinetic energy in the application into braking power to slow down the motor. You will find a built-in brake chopper on any drive from 1.5kW and above. The RFI filter limits radio disturbance from motor cables.

energy icon

Save energy

Utlising a variable speed drive in a place where one hasn’t been used before is almost always guaranteed to save energy. With a VLT Micro Drive, there are a range of features to further optimise the energy saving. These AC drives are energy efficient up to 98% and when used in HVAC applications can save 5-15% energy thanks to the Automatic Energy Optimisation (AEO) feature.

Built-in Smart Logic Controller

Local control panel (keypad)

The Smart Logic Controller is a simple but clever way to keep your drive, motor and application working together. With the controller you can add user specific functionality to your drive and monitor specified events. When an event occurs the controller performs a predefined actions and begins monitoring for the next predefined event. There are 20 steps of events. Logic functions can be selected and run independently from the sequence control. This enables drives to monitor variables or signal defined events in an easy and flexible way independently of the motor control.

How to find your VLT Micro Drive part number

The part number for your VLT Micro Drive inverter can be located on a label stuck to the top of the drive. This is the number we will need if you need us to supply a replacement drive, or the number you should use to search for prices online.

VLT micro drive part number