Danfoss VLT 3000 spare parts and repairs

The Danfoss VLT 3000 inverter drive, launched in 1986, is now in the inactive stage of production and has been replaced by the automation drive FC 302. However, spare parts and refurbished drives can still be purchased with Northern Industrial. The Danfoss VLT 3000 series of frequency inverters feature programmable control inputs with signal outputs in four signals. It benefits from low disturbance on the mains as well as protection against mains disturbance. It uses the inverter control system - Voltage Vector Control (VVC) which results in high converter efficiency. The VLT 3000 was produced as standard from 1.1 to 37kW and standard with brake from 1.1 to 37kW. Search for the VLT 3000 today.