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Siemens Simatic MP 277 10.4" Touchscreen Multi Panel

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Simatic MP 277 10.4" Touchscreen Multi Panel

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Perfectly suited for mid performance machine operating and monitoring applications, the Siemens 6AV6643-0CD01-1AX1 offers a 10.4" high-resolution TFT displays display, a responsive touch interface and has Microsoft Window CE 5.0 pre-installed as standard. By using Windows CE, Siemens has combined the legendary rugged construction of the Simatic Operator Panels with the flexibility of desktop PCs.

On the back of the Siemens 6AV6643-0CD01-1AX1 you will find a variety of interfaces including:

  • RS 485 / RS 422 Interface for Process Connections (PPI, MPI, Profibus DP up to 12 Mbits)
  • 2 x USB for memory stick, mouse, keyboards, printer, barcode readers, UPS and downloading / uploading the configuration
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP) for exchanging data with a higher level PC, connection of a network printer, downloading and uploading the configuration
  • Slot for SD/Multi Media Card

These are all visible on the pictures on the Northern Industrial website. The use of standard hardware and software interfaces offer increased flexibility, for example the MP277 support standard Windows storage formats (CSV) for archives and recipes enabling processing with Microsoft Excel, Open Office or Google Docs. One feature we love at Northern Industrial is the recipe management. Unlike older Simatic Operator Panels, recipes can be stored on a removable SD card which fits into the MultiMedia card solt. This means replacing a broken operater panel with one of our refurbished 6AV6643-0CD01-1AX1 is easy.


There is also a range of accessories available to enhance the functionality of your MP 277 HMI should you need to. These accessories are able to be purchased separately from Northern Industrial.

  • RS 422 to RS 232 Converter - If you want to use the MP 277 touch panel with PLCs from other manufacturers, the RS 422 to RS 232 allows you to do that. This does exactly what it sounds like it does, converts RS 422 input signals to RS 232 signals. The part number for this converter is 6AV6671-8XE00-0AX0.
  • PC/PPI Cable - This cable is used for updating the operating system on your HMI, resetting it to factory settings or for data transfer. The cable is connected to the HMI via the RS 422/RS 485 port, it converts input signals to RS 232 signals. To order this part, the model number is 6ES7901-3CB30-0XA0.
  • 90° Elbow Adapter - This is a handy accessory for installations where space is limited as it can be used at the RS 422/RS 485 interface. 6AV6671-8XD00-0AX0 is the order number.
  • Protective Foil - It is exactly as it sounds, the protective foil can be used to prevent the touch screen on your HMI becoming scratched during operation. For the 10 inch version, the model number is 6AV6671-3DC00-0AX0.
  • Clamping Frame - Achieve an IP65 degree of protection or enclosure type 4X/type 12 with the clamping frame. For the 10 inch touchscreen MP 277, the clamping kit order number is 6AV6671-8XS00-0AX0.
  • Memory Cards - A range of SD memory cards, CF memory cards and MultiMediaCards approved by Siemens are available for use with their operator panels.

Repairing your MP277

We been repairing industrial monitors for over 30 years and have done our fair share of MP277 repairs. So if you've got no display, unresponsive touchscreen or a cracked screen then it is likely that we can help you out. As you can see we offer fixed price repairs on this model and offer a full 2 year warranty. What's more, if your MP277 is beyond economical repair, you won't be charged. Our unique No Fix No Fee promise is exactly as it sounds - if we can't fix it you won't pay us a penny and we will even send it back to you or scrap it free of charge.



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