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What is conformal coating?

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A special coating applied in the factory during the production of the printed circuit board (PCB). The coating comes in different types, 3C3 and 3C2, the difference being that 3C2 has only 10% of the effect of 3C3. The coating protects sensitive surface mounted device components against aggressive gases or high humidity.

What are the pros of conformal coating?

Conformal coating improves the protection of control PCB components reducing the likelihood of failure, less downtime and longer lifespan for the part.

Depending on where the part is installed, such as a wastewater plant or agricultural industry, the environmental gasses in the air will affect the surface mounted device components.

How does it improve the lifespan of a drive?

On parts such as a variable speed drive, the total increased lifespan depends on the type of environment it is installed in, for example:

  • Agricultural applications - Lifespan is increased from a typical 4-5 years to 10 years
  • Wastewater plants - The extended lifespan is 25% longer
  • High humidity - Fewer unexpected hardware faults due to condensation

Drives with conformal coating already applied

We have a range of drives in stock with conformal coating already applied

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