Drives, PLCs and HMIs

Omron automation needs no introduction. Since 1931, Omron inverters, Sysmac PLCs and operator panels have been at the forefront of factory automation. It is therefore no surprise to hear that we’ve a large stock of new and obsolete Omron industrial automation parts for sale. We also provide a professional and responsive repair service for most Omron parts including the Sysmac series of programmable logic controllers and the NT series of operator panels.


About Omron

With over 37,000 employees in 36 countries, Omron is a giant in the industrial automation sector. The company was established in 1933 by Kazuma Tateisi, in an area of Kyoto called "Omuro", from which the name "Omron" was derived. Today the company is well known for its range of SYSMAC PLCs, HMIs, variable speed drives and sensors with millions of users worldwide. Dr Tateisi motto was "Don't say 'I Can't', but rather, 'How can I?'". Here at Northern Industrial, we've taken his words to heart and although we are not an official distributor, we can still offer thousands of new and refurbished Omron parts including many obsolete models no longer fully supported by the OEM. In addition to our large stock we offer a value for money repair service.

Spare Automation Parts

  • AC Drives

    AC Drives

    Browse our entire range of Omron inverter drives including new and refurbished drives. We have support for all ranges and models including Sysdrive, VariSpeed and A1000.

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  • PLCs


    The Omron Sysmac is Omron’s most comprehensive family of programmable logic controllers and is split into different series such as the Sysmac C200H, Sysmac CJ1 and Sysmac CS1.

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  • HMIs


    Whether you’re looking for the NT Series, NS Series, NQ Series or any other type of Omron HMI we have a wide range of new and refurbished operator panels in stock.

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  • Servo drives

    Servo drives

    As well as variable speed drives we have support for Omron servo drives including JUNMA, ServoPack, Sigma and SmartStep.

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  • Części ogólne automatyki

    Części ogólne automatyki

    Find all other types of automation parts made by Omron including temperature controllers, timers, safety equipment

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  • Sysmac CQM1

    Sysmac CQM1

    The CQM1 is a compact, high-speed Programmable Logic Controller (PC) designed for advanced control operations. We have numerous CQM1 modules in stock including CPUs, PSUs, I/O, communication modules, special function modules and more.

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  • Sysmac C200H

    Sysmac C200H

    The Sysmac C200H is a rack mounted modular programmable logic controller system. With several different types of modules for each function the C200H enables you to build a PLC system most suitable for your application.

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  • Sysmac CJ1

    Sysmac CJ1

    The Omron CJ1 is a series of small programmable controllers. This range is doesn’t require a backplane and is suitable for many different types of applications from machine control to process control.

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  • Sysmac CPM1A

    Sysmac CPM1A

    The ultra compact and economical Sysmac CPM1A programmable controllers are designed for a wide range of applications and have a choice of AC or DC power, relay or transistor outputs, sourcing or sinking, etc.

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  • Sysmac CS1

    Sysmac CS1

    This medium sized modular PLC is highly configurable. Select from a range of different Sysmac CS1 processor modules, CPU bus units, special I/O modules and more.The CS1 is suitable for everything from machine control to process control.

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  • Sysdrive


    The Sysdrive is Omron’s most comprehensive family of inverter drive.This family of inverters spans a variety of series with ranging features and capabilities. Browse the individual series to find one most suitable to your application. Current and obsolete drives supported.

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  • A1000


    The A1000 is a great range of drives for complex and demanding applications. This powerful AC drive features switchable logic, expandable I/O and continuous auto tuning for optimising performance in open and closed loop modes. Also known as the Yaskawa A1000.

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  • VariSpeed


    Take precise control of your applications with the VariSpeed variable speed drive family. Easy to operate, quick to program and simple to maintain, the Varispeed series is suitable for a variety of applications. Also known as the Yaskawa VariSpeed.

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  • Sigma


    The Sigma series of servo drives offer precise positioning are ideal for machines such as packaging, semi-conductors, machine tools and printing. With a range of models to choose from you can find the right Omron/Yaskawa drive for your application and requirements.

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  • SmartStep


    The SmartStep range is another servo system made by Omron that offers a perfect solution for point-to-point motion applications where simplicity is essential. They are extremely compact and with great features such as online autotuning, very easy to use.

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  • NQ Series

    NQ Series

    The NQ Series is one of Omron’s range of HMIs. It’s split into two series the NQ3 and the NQ5 and comes in three different display sizes 3.5 inch, 3.8 inch and 5.7 inch. in both colour and monochrome versions with varying communication capabilities.

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  • NS Series

    NS Series

    Another range of Omron’s quality operator panels, the NS Series provides exceptional machine control allowing you to automatically display information and perform operations as required. Shop the NS5, NS8, NS10 and NS12 HMIs here.

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  • NT Series

    NT Series

    The NT Series operator terminals are split out into several different ranges including the NT11, NT20, NT31 and NT600. From colour screens to monochrome and keypad to touchscreen operation the NT Series encompasses a wide range of different HMI types.

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Omron Repairs

Are you looking for a reliable repair provider for your faulty Omron parts? Look no further! Northern Industrial have been repairing industrial automation parts for 35+ years. We aim to minimise your downtime with our prompt, professional, guaranteed repair service.

Our repairs are always completed in-house - we never outsource your repairs elsewhere. This means we can give you the in depth updates you require without taking hours to get the information to you. All of our Omron repairs are completed on a no fix no fee basis and include a full 2 year warranty and preventative maintenance service.

We can functionally test a wide range of Omron parts including AC drives, PLCs and operator panels.


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