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Northern Industrial is an official distributor for Control Techniques drives, a Nidec brand. We stock a large range of current and obsolete Control Techniques drives. As an official distributor we can offer expert technical support. So, whether you are looking for a replacement part, or an urgent repair we can help.

About Control Techniques

Northern Industrial has always had a close relationship with Control Techniques. In 2012 Northern Industrial became the UK's first official Control Techniques integration partner. We offer expert technical support for the entire Control Techniques range of inverters, DC drives and servo drives.

Founded in 1973 under the name of KTK, the company specialised in DC Drives. We’ve actually got a few of these drives in stock. In 1985, KTK became Control Techniques and soon moved into AC Drive technology. 10 years later Control Techniques launched the Unidrive classic, one of the first inverters. The drives were so popular that we still get asked for them today. It was during this period that Control Techniques was purchased by Emerson, it is now part of Nidec Corporation. The company now has an impressive portfolio of HVAC drives, DC drives, inverters and servo drives. They now operate 45 drive centres around the world. With over 40 years of industrial automation experience, we can offer a wide range of Control Techniques parts with a 2 year warranty.

Current products

  • Commander C200

    Commander C200

    Control Techniques have gone back to their green roots with the Commander C200 range of general purpose drives. As the next generation in the Commander series, you can expect all the best parts of the Commander SK with added benefits. Available from 0.25 to 132kW, the C200 is ideal for many applications.

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  • Unidrive M200

    Unidrive M200

    The Unidrive M200 is a direct replacement for the popular Commander SK range. It is part of the Control Techniques most recent family of AC drives - the Unidrive M. It is suitable for many applications. Many Northern Industrial customers use the Unidrive M200 with fans, pumps, conveyors and mixers.

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  • Unidrive M700

    Unidrive M700

    The Unidrive M700 is also part of the Unidrive M range. It provides a class-leading motor control for induction, permanent magnet and servo application. The Unidrive M700 is a high performance motor control which provides increased flexibility. It is suitable for machine builders and high specification industrial applications.

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  • Mentor MP

    Mentor MP

    Select the Mentor MP for a flexible DC drive available in two or four quadrant operation. Like the Unidrive SP the drive has integrated PLC functionality and you can select a range of options thanks to the three available option module slots. Looking to upgrade your Mentor II? Mentor MP is the direct replacement.

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  • Digitax ST

    Digitax ST

    Digitax ST servo drives provide a complete solution for all your servo requirements. This Control Techniques drive series comes in several models. It is optimised for pulse duty servo applications that need high peak torque, ease of use, flexible integration features and dynamic response.

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  • Maestro


    The Maestro range of DC brushed servo drives provide a cost effective solution to low power DC servo applications. When they were first released they were manufactured to the latest surface mount specifications. Available in three sizes - Mini, Midi and Maxi - they provide a quality and reliable solution.

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Legacy products

  • Commander SK

    Commander SK

    Control Techniques Commander SK is the perfect AC inverter drive for simple applications up to 7.5kW. The SK offers great value for money and is extremely easy to set up thanks to the preloaded parameters. Built in keypad and filter means you are ready to go as soon as the drive is delivered.

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  • Unidrive SP

    Unidrive SP

    The Unidrive SP is an ideal AC drive for complex applications. This inverter is available from 0.37kW to 132kW and is easy to set up. It has onboard PLC capabilities and can be configured to a wide range of applications with the expandable options and communication protocols.

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  • Digitax DBE

    Digitax DBE Servo drives

    The Digitax is now an obsolete servo drive manufactured by Control Techniques. They originally came in eight different models that covered a power range of 1.4kW to 22kW making them suitable for a range of applications. We can provide you with reconditioned Digitax servo drives, repairs and upgrades.

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  • Mentor II

    Mentor II

    Mentor II is a microprocessor based digital DC drive that comes in a power range of 5.5kW to 750kW. These 3 phase DC motor speed controllers come in both regenerative and non-regenerative models. They also have extensive fieldbus communication capabilities.

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  • Unidrive Classic

    Unidrive Classic

    The Unidrive Classic is now obsolete but Northern Industrial will continue to provide you with support. The popular Unidrive can be set up rapidly for a range of applications due to the preloaded parameters. It can also be operated in five different modes including both open and closed loop.

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  • Lynx

    Lynx DC drives

    The Control Techniques Lynx is a series of DC drive manufactured by Control Techniques. As an official Control Techniques distributor, Northern Industrial can continue to support users of the Lynx series. As an expert distributor, Northern Industrial can also help you to upgrade.

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  • Dinverter


    Although this range is now obsolete, we can offer you the specialist support you need for your Dinverter variable speed drives. Offering support at an extremely competitive price we can reduce the usual worries that occur when running an obsolete part.

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  • Commander CD

    Commander CD

    The Commander CD range of inverters was manufactured by Control Techniques from 1986 to 1993. Although now obsolete, many companies still run the Commander CD series in their plants. This is why we offer specialist repairs, upgrade advice and a large stock of new and refurbished drives available to buy.

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  • Commander SE

    Commander SE

    Commander SE AC inverter drives are simple to use and easy to install. Its first 10 parameters meet the needs of nearly 80% of drive applications. Superseded by Commander SK and now the Unidrive M, these drives now no longer available new. But fear not, you can still get the best support for the SE from Northern Industrial.

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  • MaxAx


    With Northern Industrial you can enjoy the support of an official Control Techniques distributor for your MaxAx 100, MaxAx 200 and MaxAx 300 servo drives. With competitive prices and huge stock, you never need worry about sourcing spares or repairs for your obsolete Control Techniques MaxAx drives again.

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Control Techniques

Control Techniques Repairs

Northern Industrial has been a distributor for Control Techniques for over 10 years. During this time our electronics engineers have become highly experienced in the repair and refurbishment of Control Techniques AC Drives, Servo Drives & DC Drives. We have test facilities for all types of drives and stock the largest selection of Control Techniques internal printed circuit boards, replacement cases and connectors. Worried about losing your parameters or need onsite support? We will always aim to backup your parameters before repairing your faulty drive and have a team of engineers who can come to site to commission or decommission your faulty drive.


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