Danfoss VLT AutomationDrive FC 302 2.2kW inverter drive 10.6 A, Three Phase with a 200...240V AC supply

VLT AutomationDrive FC 302 2.2kW inverter drive 10.6 A, Three Phase with a 200...240V AC supply

Product Highlights

  • Designed for variable speed control of all asynchronous motors and permanent magnet motors Automatic Motor Adaption AMA tests and adjusts the drive to the unique characteristics of your motor
  • IO 6 programmable DI 2 can be used as DO 2AI 2 pulse inputs 2DO 1 AO 2 relay outputs
  • Integrated Motion Controller IMC functionality means the drive can be used to perform highprecision positioning and sychronisation tasks Full factory tested robust AC drive

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About this product

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By Danfoss
The advanced AC inverter drive
Designed for performance

The VLT Automation Drive FC-302 is a robust, reliable and powerful variable speed drive designed to work with all asynchronous motors and permanent magnet motors. Throughout the entire lifecycle of your application, the VLT AutomationDrive provides benefits that not only save you time and money, but also help optimise your process while providing the flexibility and reliability to meet your current and future demands. VLT AutomationDrive fits into any environment and is suitable for almost every application. It can be relied on to meet all your needs whether you have a single application or a variety of different ones. The onsite engineers at Northern Industrial love these drives. They can go to site and know the FC-302 would do whatever job they want it to do.

You wouldn't believe how simple setup is

A drive that is versatile and powerful doesnt automatically mean that it has to be complicated. The VLT AutomationDrive is designed to simplify every step in the startup process from wiring to programming to operation. All I/O terminals are pluggable and spring-loaded and each has dualconnector configuration making wiring easy and flexible. Automatic Motor Adaptation (AMA) is a powerful algorithm that tests and adjusts the drive to the unique traits of your motor, improving overall control and operating efficiency in just a few milliseconds with spinning the motor. The award-winning operator keypad has a user-friendly parameter structure for faster commissioning and upgrades. However if you need something more powerful than the keypad, the VLT Motion Control Tool MCT 10 is a PC tool designed with your drive in mind. Powerful features, like the Motor Setup and Functional Safety Setup tools, allow fast and easy commissioning of your application.

Built like a tank

At Northern Industrial we repair thousands of inverters each year. As the 2nd largest drive manufacturer in the world you would expect our repair engineers to see plenty of Danfoss drives. They don't! Danfoss drives are built like tanks and receive full load against an AC motor prior to shipping. Just fit in your panel and forget.

Any application

When you have a variety of applications, its best to select an AC drive that you can count on to meet all your needs. Whether operating pumps, conveyors, palletisers or material treatment equipment, the VLT AutomationDrive delivers the optimum control you want for reliable operation, all day long.

Suitable for any environment

VLT AutomationDrive can be installed wherever it best suits your application close to the motor, located centrally in an electrical panel or even outdoors. Its wide variety of enclosure classes, conformal coating and ruggedization options reduce maintenance costs and ensure reliable operation. A wide operating temperature range of -25 C to +50 C adds additional peace of mind.

Easy maintenance

The Danfoss VLT AutomationDrive features both preventive and predictive maintenance functions that provide worry-free operation while reducing maintenance costs and unplanned downtime. Preventive maintenance functions can be used to schedule proactive maintenance alerts based on running time of the drive and triggering alerts, visible on the LCP and transferable over fieldbus.

Ultra compact

When your application requires more power, you dont want to have to increase the space needed for an AC drive. Thanks to its cutting-edge thermal design and book-style side-by-side mounting, VLT AutomationDrive is one of the most compact air-cooled drives available. Combining power density with unique back-channel cooling further reduces cooling costs while keeping the space required to a minimum.

Integrated motor controller

The performance of the VLT AutomationDrive FC 302 is enhanced without complexity thanks to the Integrated Motion Controller (IMC). Providing motion functionality, high-precision scaled positioning and synchronizing tasks are simple to perform with or without encoder feedback, and commissioning is fast and safe. IMC is configurable by parameters no special programming language is required. No additional modules or hardware are necessary.

Easy upgrade

Danfoss offer a free, downloadable Drive Conversion Wizard so you can move your parameters and convert your VLT5000 or VLT6000 parameters to the latest generation FC 302 drives with a simple click of a button. Pre-drilled adaptor plates make it easy to mount a new FC 302 in place of a VLT 5000.Thanks to the MCA 114, an innovative VLT Profibus Converter Module, replacing a VLT 5000 drive is incredibly straightforward. By emulating the VLT 5000 commands on the PROFIBUS network, PLC commands to the VLT 5000 are automatically translated in the MCA 114 to the FC 302. This eliminates the need to rewrite the PLC program.


The Specs

The below specs apply to this product

Depth (mm)205
Safe Torque OffSingle
Bidirectional IO2
RangeFC-302 VLT AutomationDrive
Range typeVariable Speed Drive
Input PhaseThree Phase / Triphas?
Input Supply Voltage200...240V AC
Amp Rating (Constant Torque)10.6
Power KW (Constant Torque)2.2
Normal Duty Amp10.6
Power KW (Fan & Pump)2.2
Height (mm)268
Width (mm)90
IP RatingIP20
Logic (PNP/NPN)Positive (PNP) / Negative (NPN)
Pulse Input2
Relay Outputs2
No Analog Outputs1
No Analog Inputs2
No Digital Inputs4

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