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We've got loads of Allen Bradley spare parts and accessories; so no matter if it's an obsolete PLC-5 processor, PanelView monitor or ControlLogix I/O module we are sure that we can help you. Our large Allen Bradley inventory includes many obsolete end-of-life parts, which are becoming increasingly difficult to source from official Allen Bradley distributors. As we are not an official AB distributor, we are able to offer high quality refurbished parts at significantly reduced prices. For extra peace of mind our refurbished parts come with the same 2 year warranty as our new Allen Bradley parts.

Allen Bradley

About Allen Bradley

Originally founded by Dr. Stanton Allen and Lynde Bradley, Allen Bradley is one of the worlds leading names in industrial automation and is owned by Rockwell Automation. The company manufacture a wide range of programmable logic controllers, industrial monitors, AC drives, servo drives and sensors. Some famous lines include the SLC500 range of PLCs, the PowerFlex series of variable speed drives and the Panelview series of HMIs. Northern Industrial provide a wide range of Allen Bradley parts many of which are obsolete and no longer available through official channels

Allen Bradley parts

  • AC Drives

    AC Drives

    Shop our range of low, medium and high voltage Allen Bradley AC drives. From 0.55kW single phase drives up to 150kW three phase drives we’ve got you covered. We’ve even got obsolete AC drives that are no longer fully supported by the original manufacturer.

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  • Servo Drives

    Servo Drives

    When precise servo motor control is required you often find the name of Allen Bradley. From single axis to multi axis servo drive systems, Allen Bradley servo drive offer cost effective solutions for almost any task. Our range of AB servo drives covers all the major ranges including the Bulletin 1394 & Ultra Series.

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  • HMI Operator Panels

    HMI Operator Panels

    Available in a variety of sizes, inputs methods & communications protocol options, Allen Bradley's range of operator panels have long been used to provide effective visual feedback to machine operators. Shop our stock of new & refurbished HMIs including the AB panelview, panelview plus & VersaView.

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  • Programmable Logic Controllers

    Programmable Logic Controllers

    From the obsolete PLC-2 range right up to the latest generation ControlLogix range, our stock covers the entire range. Buy new and refurbished processor modules, power supply modules, IO modules and communications modules at discounted prices.

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  • General Automation

    General Automation

    Find all other Allen Bradley parts here including safety equipment, distributed I/O systems, cables and software. We have new and refurbished stock available for a wide range of parts and all come with a 2 year warranty.

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HMI Operator Panels

  • Panelview 300

    Panelview 300

    Perfectly suited for high ambient light applications, the Allen Bradley Panelview 300 offers a compact 3” mono screen with a 128x64 pixel resolution.

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  • Panelview 550

    Panelview 550

    With a choice of keypad or touchscreen interface, the Panelview 550 comprises of a 5.5” display with 10 function keys, numeric keypad and a choice of communication options.

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  • Panelview 600

    Panelview 600

    Designed for applications where panel space is limited, the Panelview 600 HMIs are high performance colour terminals with a touch or keypad interface.

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  • Panelview 900

    Panelview 900

    With its medium sized 8.4” TFT panel, the Allen Bradley Panelview 900 offers exceptionally wide viewing angles of critical process information. The PV900 offers a choice of interface and communication options.

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  • Panelview 1000

    Panelview 1000

    The AB Panelview 1000 provides a choice of keypad or touchscreen interface, colour and greyscale displays and nine different communications options. This robust 10.4” HMI operator panel is a real workhorse.

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  • SLC-500


    Shop the whole range of SLC-500 modules. This chassis-based modular PLC family provides an ideal solution for mid-range applications. Choose between an extensive selection of processor modules, power supply modules and I/O capacity as well as comms and more.

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  • ControlLogix


    Allen Bradley ControlLogix is a high-speed, high-performance programmable controller. We stock a wide range of Allen Bradley parts for the modular ControlLogix family. Buy new and reconditioned I/O modules, communication modules, power supplies, processors and more.

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  • PLC-5


    Allen Bradley PLC-5 systems are designed for larger control applications with specialised I/O requirements. We support a vast range of Allen Bradley PLC-5 spare parts including processor, IO & power supply modules.

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  • PLC-2


    The PLC-2 is now obsolete and no longer fully supported by the manufacturer but you can continue to find support at Northern Industrial. We have reconditioned obsolete Allen Bradley spare parts in stock as well as a thorough repair service to keep your PLC-2 modules working longer.

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  • MicroLogix


    Although due for obsolescence in 2017, the MicroLogix range remains one of the most popular programmable logic controller. We stock new and refurbished MicroLogix 1000, 1200 and 1500 series PLCs to ensure your production keeps running.

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AC, Servo & DC Drives

  • Bulletin 1394

    Bulletin 1394

    The Bulletin 1394 is a Multi-Axis Motion Control System. Northern Industrial have a fully test rig for this range and are therefore able to supply new and refurbished axis modules, power supply modules and servo control modules from stock as well as being able to repair your faulty unit.

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  • PowerFlex 70

    PowerFlex 70

    Available up to 37kW, PowerFlex 70 AC Drives are compact, easy to control and reliable. Support for Common Industrial Protocol means interfacing a PowerFlex 70 over DeviceNET, ControlNet or EtherNET/IP is straightforward.

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  • Ultra 3000

    Ultra 3000

    The Ultra3000 is a high performance, digital servo drive that provides analog command control, preset speed and torque control, as well as master/follower operation. Digital velocity and current loops in the Ultra3000 provide excellent, stable performance, and the Ultraware software makes them easy to set up.

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  • PowerFlex 700

    PowerFlex 700

    Due for obsolescence in 2017, the PowerFlex 700 series of AC Drives are available in a wide range of kW ratings for control of three phase induction motors. Application specific features for lifting, oil wells, speed and position make the PowerFlex 700 a really popular AC drive.

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  • PowerFlex 400

    PowerFlex 400

    Primarily designed for variable torque applications the PowerFlex 400 series of AC drives provides a cost effective solution for fan and pump applications. Built in features such as purge and damper input provide exceptional control and energy saving benefits.

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Allen Bradley

Allen Bradley Repairs

Should you require a faulty Allen Bradley part to be repaired help is at hand from our repair and service team. Minimising the impact on your plant is our main concern. We have been repairing industrial automation parts for over 30 years and provide a prompt, professional guaranteed repair service.

Unlike many of our competitors we never outsource our repairs and go the extra distance by performing a full preventative maintenance service on your Allen Bradley part. During the service we replace all serviceable parts, reflow cracked solder joints and repair any fault discovered.

We have a number of Allen Bradley test rigs that enable us to fully functionally test our repairs. Our service covers most Allen Bradley parts including AC Drives, PLCs, Operator Panels and Servo Drives.


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