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About Beijer

Established way back in 1981 when Princess Diana had just married Prince Charles, Beijer quickly developed a reputation for manufacturing high-quality HMI monitors. It during these formative years that Beijer established a partnership with Mitsubishi Electric to manufacturer HMIs on behalf of Mitsubishi. It was a partnership that lasted over 30 years and resulted in hundreds of thousands of Beijer HMIs being installed throughout the world. Today Beijer act independently of Mitsubishi and employ over 600 people in twenty-one countries around the world.

Current Products

  • X2 Series

    X2 Series

    The X2 Series is the next generation of HMIs by Beijer. The Series comes in six different ranges, Base, Pro, Control, Motion, Marine and Extreme, all which provide great design and strong performance. Choose from a powerful range of more than 40 models and additional options to meet your requirements. X2 is the direct upgrade path for iX HMIs.

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  • E1000-Series


    The E1000-series family of HMI operator panels has been an integral part of the Mitsubishi Electric product offering for a number of years. It may surprise some people that Beijer actually manufactured & designed all the E1000-series HMIs. Although made obsolete by Mitsubishi, these HMIs are still available to purchase thanks to our unique relationship with Beijer.

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Legacy Products

  • iX HMI Industrial

    iX HMI Industrial

    Ask an engineer want they want out of an industrial HMI and they will tell you they want something robust, powerful, easy to use and reliable. Beijer has managed to deliver all this functionality and more with the iX HMI Industrial. Sleek, slim and stunning graphics are words not usually used to describe Industrial HMIs but are they are now.

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  • iX HMI Rugged

    iX HMI Rugged

    Designed for the most extreme environments, the iX HMI Rugged can be compared to the legendary M1 Abrams tank. These rugged panels are designed and tested to perform in environments with high levels of shock, vibration, humidity and extreme temperatures. Don't just take our word for it, the iX HMI Rugged is certified by all major institutions.

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  • Exter


    Housed in a robust IP66 aluminium frame, the EXTER series of key and touch screen operator panels offer comprehensive HMI functionality and multiple communication ports. Often branded and sold under the Mitsubishi banner, the EXTER series offer the same functionality as the Mitsubishi counterparts.

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  • E-Series CIMREX HMI

    E-Series CIMREX HMI

    The E-series / CIMREX series of industrial monitors was a real success story for the Beijer Mitsubishi partnership. As the world's first operator panel with web server functionality, this series went on to sell more the 200,000 units worldwide. Northern Industrial offer repairs and refurbished units for this series.

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  • PPC TxC series

    PPC TxC series

    Available with a 12", 15" or 21" display, the PPC TxC was a powerhouse industrial panel PC perfectly suited for the most demanding touchscreen applications. Preinstalled with Windows 7 and available with IP65 front panel sealing and CE, UL 508 and DNV certification, ensuring trouble free use in industrial and marine applications.

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  • iX HMI software

    iX HMI software

    What is the iPhone without iOS? A PC without Windows 10? In life software is often as important as hardware. Beijer has a fantastic reputation for hardware and thanks to iX HMI software they now have a fantastic reputation for powerful user-friendly software. With iX software it's easy to get your application up and running. All essential functions you need are included in, such as data logging, recipes, alarms, trends and audit trail. Take advantage of ready-made objects with built-in functionality, vector-based symbols and graphics that can be easily inserted into the screen.

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Beijer Repairs

Even the most reliable products sometimes fail. If your Beijer screen fails, Northern Industrial is on hand to help. Our team of highly experienced industrial electronic engineers are well versed in repairing Beijer HMIs and carry a large stock of genuine spare parts to get you up and running as quickly as possible. So if your screen is cracked or simply will not power up, simply search the model number on our site and find a fixed priced repair.


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