Variable Speed Drives and Repairs

As an official distributor for Danfoss drives, Northern Industrial are best equipped to support all of your Danfoss needs, from brand new VLT variable speed drives to obsolete support and repairs. We can help you upgrade your older drives to Danfoss VFDs and even parameterise them for you if necessary. Shop a variety of Danfoss drives below or contact us for a quick response on all your enquiries.


About Danfoss

Danfoss is a global producer of a variety of control equipment and components. The company was founded by Mads Clausen in the attic of his parent's farmhouse in Nordborg in 1933. By 2012, Danfoss employed over 23,000 employees globally and annual sales turnover had reached over 34 billion DKK. They continue to produce products for use in areas such as cooling food, air conditioning, heating buildings, controlling electric motors and powering mobile machinery. One of the company's most popular product ranges is the VLT frequency inverters.

Current products

  • VLT AutomationDrive FC 302

    VLT AutomationDrive FC 302

    The Danfoss FC 302 range provides exceptional motor control of all motor driven applications. The drives have a modular design so you can customise them to your application with a range of options and come with a built-in smart logic controller that provides essential PLC functions. FC 302 saves expensive energy, increases flexibility and strengthens reliability for the user

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  • VLT Micro Drive

    VLT Micro Drive

    Danfoss combines functionality and reliability in a small, compact package. Available up to 22kW, these small VSDs have numerous features including plug and play design, built in RFI filter and side-by-side mounting to save you even more space. They’re designed to be super reliable with excellent heat dissipation and coated PCBs to prolong lifespan.

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  • VLT Lift Drive LD 302

    VLT Lift Drive LD 302

    Developed specifically for elevators to provide reliable and excellent ride comfort , the LD-302 VLT Lift Drive is compact, rugged and optimised for easy installation. Set up your Lift Drive quickly and easily with the tailored parameterisation which utilises elevator terminology.The VLT Lift Drive range can be used reliably in all environments thanks to the variety of available housing and protection classes.

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  • VLT HVAC FC 102

    VLT HVAC FC 102

    The VLT HVAC range integrates seamlessly with HVAC systems and can be used for everything from simple follower operation to intelligent standalone control. Economical, flexible, user-friendly and with a modular design, the HVAC range gives you precisely what you need with easy serviceability. Features include automatic motor adaption, intelligent HVAC controller and built-in HVAC protocols.

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  • VLT Aqua Drive FC 200

    VLT Aqua Drive FC 200

    The AQUA Drive has a wide range of powerful standard and optional features to make them ideal for your water and wastewater applications. These variable speed drives have a range of features including specially designed software that helps to avoid water hammer, reduces maintenance on pumps and blowers as well as saving additional energy compared with traditional VSDs.

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  • FC 280


    Replacing the popular VLT 2800 range, the VLT Midi Drive 280 brings new levels of features and functionality for users in the food and beverage, material handling and processing industries. It’s easy to replace a VLT 2800 as the exterior dimensions, connectors, cables and set-up software allow you to easily retrofit an established drive panel. Installing, using and maintaining the AC drive is also as simple and as easy as possible.

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Legacy Products

  • VLT 2800

    VLT 2800

    Danfoss VLT 2800 drives provide a general purpose solution up to 18.5kW. A range of features such as Fieldbus communications, PID control and automatic motor tuning make this range dedicated to your application. These variable speed drives can be side-by-side mounted for additional space saving and are extremely user-friendly, making them suitable for a range of industries.

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  • VLT 3000

    VLT 3000

    The VLT 3000 is a range of variable speed drives from the Danfoss VLT family. Although now long obsolete, we have a range of VLT 3000 drives, option cards and keypads in stock as well as a team of engineers experienced in repairing Danfoss variable speed drives. As an authorised distributor we can also convert you to a newer VLT model.

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  • VLT 5000

    VLT 5000

    The Danfoss VLT 5000 is a range of variable speed drives that is now obsolete. The drives came with a detachable control panel and utilised Danfoss’ quick menu structure which makes programming the parameters quick and easy. As an official Danfoss drives partner we can help you upgrade to the latest VLT AutomationDrive FC 302.

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  • VLT 6000

    VLT 6000

    The VLT 6000 is a Danfoss HVAC drive which is now obsolete. The range provided improved control and unsurpassed performance within HVAC systems. Available in 200/240VAC, 380/460VAC and 525/600VAC in 1.1kW to 400kW, the VLT 6000 was suited to a wide range of HVAC applications. Shop spares or book repairs for your obsolete Danfoss drives.

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Danfoss Repairs

If you're running obsolete Danfoss drives in your plant and are not yet looking to upgrade, our repair service is a great way to keep your parts in full working order. As a Danfoss partner we know all the ins and outs of these drives and can provide you with the most comprehensive Danfoss repairs around.


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