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Three ranges for use in small, medium, large and demanding applications

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Multitude of connection options for communication, expansion, remote access and more

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ix HMI Industrial Product Information

The iX HMI INDUSTRIAL series comes in three different ranges - the TxA, TxB and TxC. The size of your application will depend on which range is right for you, as the TxA, TxB and TxC each cover the needs of different applications. Irregardless of which range is ideal for you, each HMI in the iX series has a multitude of fantastic features including:

  • Ultra-efficient networking features
  • Comprehensive in-built HMI functionality such as recipes, trends, schedulers and audit trails
  • Suitable for small, medium, large and demanding applications
  • Unique and intelligent navigation tools
  • High-performance reliable hardware

Accessories & Software

You can expand your operator panel to enable it to connect to different network protocols. Software enables easy setup and monitoring of your HMI.

iX HMI Industrial

iX HMI Series

iX Dimensions

iX T4AiX T7AiX T10AiX T7BiX T12BiX T15BiX T12CiX T15CiX T21C
Panel SizeT4AT7AT10AT7BT12BT15BT12CT15CT21C
Height (mm)103143228143242.2286242286347
Width (mm)145204280204340410340410556
Depth (mm)494951515761798387

Panel Size T4A

Height (mm)103iX T4A
Width (mm)145
Depth (mm)49

Panel Size T7A

Height (mm)143iX T7A
Width (mm)204
Depth (mm)49

Panel Size T10A

Height (mm)228iX T10A
Width (mm)280
Depth (mm)51

Panel Size T7B

Height (mm)143iX T7B
Width (mm)204
Depth (mm)51

Panel Size T12B

Height (mm)242.2iX T12B
Width (mm)340
Depth (mm)57

Panel Size T15B

Height (mm)286iX T15B
Width (mm)410
Depth (mm)61

Panel Size T12C

Height (mm)242iX T12C
Width (mm)340
Depth (mm)79

Panel Size T15C

Height (mm)286iX T15C
Width (mm)410
Depth (mm)83

Panel Size T21C

Height (mm)347iX T21C
Width (mm)556
Depth (mm)87

Key iX Specifications

Main memory
  • TxA: 128MB DDR2
  • TxB: 1GB DDR2
  • TxC: 2GB - 16GB DDR3
Application memory
  • TxA: 80MB
  • TxB: 1.4GB
  • TxC: 8GB - 128GB
Serial port
  • 2 combined ports: 2 x RS232, 2 x RS485
  • TxA: 1 x Base-T / 100 Base-T (shielded RJ 45)
  • TxB: 1 x 10/100/1000 Mbit/s and 1 x 10/100 Mbit/s
  • TxC: 2 x 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
  • TxA: 1 x USB 2.0
  • TxB & TxC: 2 x USB 2.0
External storage media
  • TxA & TxB: 1 x SD card (optional)
  • TxC: Via USB
Real time clock
  • Yes
Touch screen operations
  • Resistive touch, 1 million finger touch applications
  • IP65 (front) IP20 (rear)


The robust IP65-rated facade and construction of the iX INDUSTRIAL range make it ideal for applications in a variety of industries including:

  1. > Automotive & transportation
  2. > Pharmaceutical
  3. > Food & beverages
  4. > Oil & gas
  5. > Packaging
  6. > Water & utilities
  7. > Building automation


Download the iX INDUSTRIAL brochure and software brochure for more detailed information about the entire range and what it can do for your application.

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We can repair a wide range of operator panel issues including cracked & broken screens, unresponsive touch panels, power issues, communication faults, faulty displays and more. Our engineers are experienced in an array of faults and we keep the most popular panels and components in stock to ensure quick turnaround.

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The iX HMI software provides complete HMI functionality and makes it easy to get applications up and running. You can check out everything that the software offers in the brochure located in the download section. Don’t forget we are always on hand to help you with programming your HMI if necessary.

Upgrade from the Exter Range

We can help you upgrade your existing EXTER operator panels to the iX range. The iX range has now superseded the popular EXTER series and provides a wide range of features and functions.

The iX Industrial HMIs offer greater functionality and your EXTER program can be imported from the E-Designer or Information Designer. We can also help you with this should you require.

See the table below for information on which iX model provides the closest match for your existing EXTER panel.

Current EXTER modelsCurrent iX Models
T40m5 T405T4A/T5F-2
K60 or K70T7A/T7F-2/T7B

How to find your iX part number

The part number for your Beijer iX series operator panels is located on a label stuck on the rear of the HMI. Each part number in the iX range follows a particular format.

iX part number diagram