Temperature Controllers, Timers & Counters

Pixsys manufacture an array of process and control equipment and are particularly well known for their range of configurable and reliable temperature controllers. As an official Pixsys distributor we can supply all current products from the Pixsys range of temperature controllers, PLCs and HMIs as well as obsolete parts. Need an upgrade? We can help with that too.


Upgrading to Pixsys

You can upgrade many obsolete temperature controllers from brands such as Omron, Eurotherm and West to controllers from the Pixsys range with minimal effort. With a range of sizes including 32x74, 48x48 and 72x72, extended power supply of 24 to 230VAC/DC and RS485 communications if required, there is a compatible Pixsys temperature controller for every situation.

Call or email us for help or advice on upgrading to a Pixsys temperature controller. Our sales team and engineers can work with you to ensure you get the most suitable and cost-effective controller for your application.

Temperature Controllers

  • ATR121


    You can program this 32x74mm controller for temperature sensors, resistance thermometers and thermocouples as well as pressure sensors, transmitters, humidity and flow sensors. The ATR121 series includes software functions such as open-close logic and has a version with RS485 for those who need it.

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  • ATR141


    Optimised for both temperature control and process control, the ATR141 range is rich with features. When it comes to size these controllers are 32x74mm and feature a four figure display optimised for process displays with normalised signals, displays of speed on inverters and displays of temperature of 1000°C.

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  • ATR171


    This temperature controller range is 72x72mm with a dual four digit display. You can program your ATR171 for a wide range of sensors and the outputs can be set as control, alarm or analogue retransmission. Available in a power supply range from 24 to 230VAC/DC and with RS485 communication option.

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  • ATR243


    The ATR243 is the top of the range of the Pixsys temperature controller range and is the most versatile model of controllers in the 48x48mm size. You can program the ATR243 for temperature sensors, resistance thermometers, thermocouples, pressure transmitters, humidity and flow sensors. An RS485 version is available.

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  • ATR401


    With the ATR401 you can control two distinct processes or manage mathematical operations between the two processes. These controllers measure 48x96mm and are single/double control loop with highly configurable inputs and outputs. RS485 communications and a power supply range from 24 to 230VAC/DC are more plus points.

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Programming your Pixsys devices

The LABSOFTVIEW software makes it easy to configure and monitor your Pixsys products. It’s simply to install and use and is available for Windows based computers.

  • Configure parameters on Pixsys controllers
  • Produce graphs to see characteristic trends of the input and setpoint values
  • Comes with a memory card and battery which can also be used as a serial-USB converter


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