We love Yaskawa at Northern Industrial. As the world’s largest manufacturer of motion control products, Yaskawa AC drives, servo drives and servo amplifiers are the backbone of industry. We carry a large stock of Yaskawa drives including the new V1000 and A1000 ranges. It’s not just current drives in stock either, we’ve also got a large number of obsolete inverters and servos. Find a broad range of current and obsolete Yaskawa inverters and servos ready to order from our online store today and if you can't find it - call us, as we are able to source even the most hard-to-find Yaskawa VSDs.


About Yaskawa

Yaskawa Electric Corporation was founded in 1915 in Japan. Today its headquarters is based in Kitakyushu, Japan and they have offices and service centres all over the world including America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India. Throughout their near 100 year history, Yaskawa have developed a vast range of industrial electronics and automation equipment. Some of their innovations included DC drives and DC servomotors in the 1950s, hard-wired NCs in the 1960s, robots and AC frequency inverters in the 1970s, and AC servo amplifiers in the 1980s. As of 2013, there are around 15 million Yaskawa drives in operation across the globe. Contact us if you have any queries about any of the Yaskawa products and someone from the nicontrols team will be more than happy to help.

Yaskawa Spare Motor Controllers

  • A1000


    Choose the Yaskawa A1000 variable speed drive for complex and demanding applications. This powerful Yaskawa AC drive features switchable logic, expandable I/O and continuous auto tuning for optimising performance in open and closed loop modes.

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  • V1000


    With built in secure disable, quick response times and a compact design, the Yaskawa V1000 is the ideal inverter for machine builders and OEMs looking to streamline costs. The V1000 is suitable for a wide field of applications including open loop vector control and usage of a PM motor without feedback.

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  • J1000


    The Yaskawa J1000 is a compact inverter with an array of great features including V/f control, heavy/normal duty and easy parameter programming. Save on installation costs thanks to the small design and side-by-side mounting whilst still retaining high-torque performance and tough operation.

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  • VariSpeed


    Take precise control of your applications with the Yaskawa Varispeed variable speed drive family. Easy to operate, quick to program and simple to maintain, the Varispeed series is suitable for a variety of applications. Features include open loop vector control, high slip braking and auto tuning.

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  • Sigma 5

    Sigma 5

    The Sigma 5 series of servo drives offer precise positioning making it ideal for machines such as packaging, semi-conductors, machine tools and printing. Sigma 5 servos provide vibration suppression, simple tuning and quick set up.

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  • ServoPack


    Yaskawa’s ServoPack drives are fully digital, networkable drives with modular connection to single-axis controls. The series comes in a power range of 30 watt to 55kW. We have support for all of the ServoPack models including AC and DC ServoPacks.

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    The Yaskawa Junma is the easy to use compact servo drive that is designed to work with PLC controllers with a pulse output, making it perfect for stepper applications. Junma requires no parameters, no tuning and no software to setup. This compact servo offers high speed, high torque and high accuracy.

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    This legacy servo drive provides intelligent control and has integrated controller and network connectivity. Features including automatic tuning of servo parameters, pulse train control and analogue control for speed and torque meant it was a popular choice of servo drive in both single and 3-phase applications.

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    Although it’s another legacy Yaskawa drive, the JUSPEED-F is still supported at Northern Industrial. You may have a JUSPEED drive under another brand name such as Omron, MagneTek, Saftronics and EMS. Whatever name your drive is branded under we can help.

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Yaskawa drive repairs at Nicontrols

There are still many Yaskawa parts in service around the world that are now obsolete and no longer support by Yaskawa themselves. Our repair service is the perfect way to keep parts of these nature running for longer.

We have test rigs in place to fully load test the majority of Yaskawa drives from both current and obsolete product ranges. In 2010 we purchased the obsolete stock from a Yaskawa training center in Coventry. We therefore have the software and hardware required to backup your drive parameters and programs before commencing the repair procedure. For more on our repair service please click here.


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