Jetter JetMove Servo Drive

JetMove Servo Drive

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The Jetter JM-203B-230-RS is a digital servo controller from the JetMove 2XX series. Positioning, speed and current controllers are directly accessed in the application program of the Jetter controller. The JetMove JM-203B-230-RS is suiatable for connection to Jetters system bus as well as networks based on Ethernet.

Overview Functions
  • The axes are programmed directly in the applciation program of the controller
  • Position, speed and current controllers of the Jetter controller can be accessed directly.
  • Axis coordination
  • Paramerizing in the application program of the Jetter controller
  • Own intellignence for program used with the Jetweb controller family
  • Automatic motor recognition (in connection with Hiperface encoder system)
  • Digital current, speed and position controllers can be parameterized and disabled individually
  • Linear and square acceleration / deceleration ramp
  • Jerk, speed and current control
  • Resolver or sine-cosine feedbacl
  • Status indicated by LED
  • Integrated motor break control
  • Electronic gearing
  • Table function / cam disk
Supply Type3A/230V
Type of Connection1 and 3 phase
Rated Voltage230V
Operating Voltage180-265V
Input Current LimitationNTC
Rated Current3A
Peak Current6A
Rated Motor Torque0...0.4 Nm
Motor Power (approx)0.5kW
Dimensions W x H x D (mm)55 x 216 x 220

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