MP825A5 | Control Techniques Mentor MP DC Drive Single Quadrant 380/480 Vac 825A 300KW

  • Single quadrant, 825 Amp, 300kW DC drive from the Mentor MP range
  • Standard onboard Modbus communications port for PC programming and device interfacing
  • Dimensions: 640 x 495 x 301 mm (H x W x D)
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By Control Techniques
The world's most advanced DC drive
Mentor MP DC drives at a glance

Mentor MP is Control Techniques’ 5th generation DC drive and is arguably the world's most advanced DC Drive. It integrates the control platform from Control Techniques intelligent AC drive technology giving optimum performance and flexible system interfacing capability. The Mentor MP drives allow you to maximise DC motor performance, enhance system reliability and interface digitally with modern control equipment using Ethernet and fieldbus networks. As the UK largest Mentor MP DC Drive distributor, Northern Industrial can any technical assistance you might require, be that onsite, presale or remotely.

Flexibility and reliability

One of the best features of the Mentor MP is the three option module slots for automation control, I/O, feedback devices and communications. Need to use DeviceNET? CanOpen? Profibus-DP or Profinet? Well Control Techniques has an Mentor MP option. In fact you can pick from over 15 plugin modules.

Mentor MP provides a jump in performance, robustness and reliability for DC drives. Galvanic isolation between power and control protects the control circuits and other equipment connected to the drive from the high voltages on the power circuit. This feature is unique on DC drives

Built-in field control

As standard, each Mentor MP has a built-in field controller which gives excellent field control for the majority of DC motors and reduces the need for external components. There are also external field controllers available which can be controlled digitally using an RJ45 connection.

Control modes

Open loop control using estimated speed advanced processing based on armature voltage and field flux feedback. Closed loop control using: tacho-generator feedback for connection to traditional DC motor; incremental encoder feedback for higher accuracy and position control; optional SinCos, SSI, Hiperface and EnDAT connectivity for high performance applications.

Inbuilt logic controller

Mentor MP has an inbuilt programmable controller. It is configured using SyPTLite, an easy to use ladder logic program editor, suitable for replacing relay logic or a micro PLC for simple drive control applications.

Simple to use

With the Mentor MP you no longer need to mess around with pots to set your DC drive. Instead the Mentor MP use the interface from Control Techniques range of AC inverter drives. The result is a DC Drive that is as easy to commission as a modern AC drive.


Mentor MP covers so many applications, including: crane & hoist, test rigs & dynamometers, magnetic grabs, elevators, tyre & rubber, metals, paper, marine, winders, extruders, glass, materials handling, fairgrounds, spindle drives and crushers.

Easy retrofit

Easily retrofit from the obsolete Mentor II with Mentor MP, the dedicated upgrade path. All power terminal locations and mounting points have been retained and the CT Soft software has a built-in migration wizard to assist with the transfer of parameters.

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We currently have no MP825A5 manuals uploaded but you can contact our technical team for help.

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