Control Techniques Unidrive Classic 4kW Inverter 380...480V AC 3PH 9.5A

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Unidrive Classic 4kW Inverter 380...480V AC 3PH 9.5A

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The Control Techniques Unidrive UNI1405 is a 4kW, 380...480V AC AC inverter. Named Unidrive because of its universal nature, the drive can operate in five modes including Open Loop V/F Control, Open Loop Space Vector Control, Closed Loop Flux Vector Control, Servo and Regeneration. The inverter can be configured in minutes for a variety of industry standard applications thanks to its pre-configured application parameter sets known as MACROs. Although it has since been replaced by the Unidrive SP, the original Unidrive gave users the benefits of simplicity, ease of use and flexibility. As official distributors for Control Techniques, Northern Industrial can supply the now obsolete Unidrive UNI1405, as well as the option modules that are compatible with the variable speed drive.

Key Features of the UNI1405 Unidrive
  • Position control/Digital lock
  • Programmable logic functions
  • Two programmable thresholds
  • Mains dip ride through
  • Frequency slaving
  • Catch a spinning motor
  • Eight preset speeds/accelerations/decelerations
  • Injection and dynamic breaking
  • S-ramp profiling
  • Coast and ramp to stop modes
  • Three skip frequencies with adjustable bandwiths
  • Speed reference sequencer
Key Benefits
More Power
  • The best power to size ratio available, minimising panel costs
  • Unidrive uses the same options throughout the complete power range for maximum flexibility
More Performance
  • Advanced auto-tuning facility enables Unidrive to dramativally increase the motor shaft performance whilst offering the user quieter motor operation
  • Get the maximum performance for your application thanks to the Unidrive's Intelligent Thermal Modelling
  • Excellent Flux Vector drive performance due to the enhanced control algorithms
Easy to Use

Configuring the 4kW Unidrive is simple due to the parameter sets which come pre-configured. These parameter sets are also known as MACROs.. You can also view and edit parameter values quickly and easily using the Unisoft commissioning software and get your motor turning in minutes with the quick start guide. Multiple drive set up is also made easy due to the optional cloning module which allows the user to copy parameters. The pre-configured parameter sets (MACROs) include:

  • General Purpose
  • Easy Mode
  • Motorised Potentiometer
  • Preset Frequencies/Speeds
  • Torque Control
  • PID Control
  • Axis Limit Control
  • Brake Control
  • Electrical Gearbox
A Variety of Options

The Unidrive is suitable for a variety of applications thanks to the vast amount of options that make the series so flexible. Plug in communications options, feedback modules and interfaces are just some of the types of options this 4kW drive supports. Options include:

  • EMC Filters
  • Extended I/O (UD50)
  • Second Encoder (UD51)
  • Sin/Cos Encoder (UD52)
  • Resolver Feedback (UD53)
  • Cloning Module (UD55)
  • Applications Module (UD70)
  • Modbus (UD70)
  • Serial Communications (UD71)
  • Profibus-DP (UD73)
  • Interbus S (UD74)
  • CTNet (UD75)
  • Modbus Plus (UD76)
  • DeviceNet (UD77)
  • CAN interface
  • High performance servo (UD78)
  • Unisoft Commissioning Software
  • Universal Keypad
  • CTIU Operator Interface



The Specs

The below specs apply to this product

ManufacturerControl Techniques
Width (mm)95
Range typeVariable Speed Drive
ApplicationHVAC Fan & Pump / High Performance
Input PhaseThree Phase / Triphas?
Input Supply Voltage380...480V AC
Amp Rating (Constant Torque)9.5
Power KW (Constant Torque)4
Depth (mm)200
Height (mm)335
IP RatingIP00
Logic (PNP/NPN)Positive (PNP) / Negative (NPN)
LoopOpen / Closed
No Analog Outputs2
No Digital Outputs (dedicated)3
No Analog Inputs3
No Digital Inputs3

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