Please welcome Stephen and Tanzeel, our newest electronic engineers!

Also joining us earlier this month, Stephen moved back all the way from Queensland, Australia where he lived for 10 years and owned his own business. He has recently moved back to Longridge with his family before he buys a house. When Stephen isn’t at work he does a lot of programming, enjoys going on walks and going to the pub when he’s got time! When Stephen was younger he enjoyed travelling and has been to many places including around Europe and Israel.


Tanzeel joined us earlier this month, before working at Northern Industrial he worked as a maintenance engineer at YK Services. Living locally in Blackburn with his parents and cat, Max, he also studied Electrical Engineering at the University Centre in Blackburn. Not only does he work with electronics, Tanzeel enjoys messing around with electronics and building things at home, he’s also a dab hand with a needle and thread! He said his proudest moment has to be when he helped an old woman get her car keys when they fell down a grate! Like anyone, Tanzeel loves going on holiday, his favourite place so far is Germany.

Introducing Billy!

Please welcome our newest bench engineer, Billy! Before working at Northern Industrial, Billy completed an apprenticeship in electronic engineering with Burnley College and lives locally with his parents in Rishton. When Billy’s not repairing and refurbing automation parts, he enjoys playing and watching football with his mates, followed by a drink or 10! When he can, Billy loves going on lads holidays, last year he went to Amsterdam three times and is looking forward to a trip to Prague in April.

Please welcome Daniel and Lee

Welcoming our newest Northern Industrial driver, Daniel! He will be dropping off repairs to all of our local customers and possibly picking up pizzas on our fat Fridays! Before working at Northern Industrial, Daniel worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative. Originally from Blackburn, he lives there now with his wife, daughter and twin boys. Daniel studied business management at Edgehill University but before that he was in the RAF where he managed to parachute jump 32 times! Daniel used to play football but since having kids he’s devoted all his spare time to them. He also enjoys travelling and his favourite place is Florida. He said his best achievement was having his children. If you’re one of our local customers, you may come to recognise this face!



Currently living in Chorley with his girlfriend, fish and dog Seth, Lee has joined us to help develop and improve our website. After deciding uni wasn’t for him he became a web developer for Chorley Health Foods. In his spare time, Lee likes going to the pub, streaming films from home and going out with his girlfriend. His hobbies include, playing squash and football. When Lee was younger, he set off backpacking around Europe, his favourite country was Estonia. He also said his best achievement was when he got asked to make an egg custard and it was actually edible!


Please welcome Joseph and Emanuele


Before joining us as an on site engineer, Joseph worked at Senator after doing his HND in electrical engineering and also used to work with our other site engineer Ben at Heritage Envelopes. Joseph currently lives in Blackburn with his family and his dog, Dan! When he isn’t at work, Joseph loves playing football and going to the pub for a pint, or 10! He also enjoys going on sunny holidays, his favorite so far is Turkey.



Emanuele joins our sales team as an Italian Account Manager after moving over to the UK from Italy in November 2013. Since being in the UK, Emanuele has worked in restaurants and an airport coffee shop. Emanuele currently lives in Bury with his daughter and partner. Back in Italy, Emanuele liked playing football and had a passion for photography, he worked for 6 months as a sports photographer. In his younger days, Emanuele enjoyed travelling but now he devotes his spare time to his daughter.

The History of PLCs


If you work in the automation industry, you’ll know what programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are but you might not know the history behind them. PLCs are a type of computer, they are adapted for the control of manufacturing processes. They are used in things like robotic devices and assembly lines. PLCs are used to monitor inputs and make decisions based on a custom program in order to control the state of an output device.

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Introducing Beverley & Amilcar

Last week we added two new faces to the sales team, please welcome Beverley and Amilcar!


Beverley currently lives in Helmshore with her husband, daughter and cat. Before joining our sales team as an account manager, Beverley used to work at a publishing company in Rochdale. When she’s not at work she enjoys watching the F1 racing and she makes an annual trip to see the Grand Prix, in September she is heading to Singapore and Malaysia! For many years, Beverley ran a small business selling candles and accessories. Due to hitting her targets, she was rewarded with a holiday every year, she said her favorites were Dubai and Hong Kong!


Originally from Spain, Amilcar has joined our sales team as a Spanish speaking account manager. Amilcar moved over to Manchester around a year ago with his wife and daughter, in order to give his daughter a better future! Before working at Northern Industrial he worked in a hotel in the UK after studying Business and Admin in Spain. In his spare time, Amilcar enjoys spending time with his family and when the weather’s nice, having picnics in the park. He likes to keep fit by playing softball and when he is back home he loves to surf. He has a passion for cooking Italian food and his biggest achievement was having his daughter.

Introducing Lukas!

Please welcome Lukas, our newest member of the IT/web development team! Lukas is originally from Poland however, he moved to England in February 2014 and now lives with flatmates in Bolton. Before joining us at Northern Industrial, Lukas was a freelance programmer. When he first moved to the UK and before programming, Lukas also worked in a restaurant. In his spare time he enjoys bike riding and swimming as well as watching films, his favourite is The Matrix!

Introducing Lee!

Lee currently lives in Bolton with his girlfriend, without any pets as he told his girlfriend to leave her dog at her mums, aw! Before joining us at Northern Industrial, Lee worked at two different schools in Manchester training as a teacher. After finishing his training, he then realised teaching really wasn’t the career for him and he decided to get back into engineering. Prior to working in schools, he worked in the Army as an electronic engineer. During Army life, he managed to experience many crazy activities, like skydiving! He enjoys playing the guitar but is now learning how to play the piano too. In his spare time, he likes to keep fit by regularly swimming and running.

Cup Final Win for the Whalley Juniors

Whalley Juniiors Banner

Northern Industrial, the proud sponsor of Whalley Juniors, would like to congratulate the club for winning the under 8’s Cup Final! Their hard work has paid off and we are extremely pleased for the team . Keep up the hard work boys and good luck for the next season from everyone at Northern Industrial!