Please Welcome Jordan

JordanPlease welcome Jordan – our new engineer! Before joining us at Northern Industrial he worked in TV licencing and currently lives locally with his cat Ellie. After deciding university wasn’t for him Jordan joined the Army. Now Jordan spends his spare time coaching boxing and playing the guitar. Jordan also used to be a PC gamer at professional level. He says his favourite place he’s visited is a small fishing village in Scotland and his favourite food is bacon and scrambled eggs with maple syrup! A major combination to chow down on whilst enjoying his favourite film ‘Edge of Tomorrow’.

Please Welcome Mysha

MyshaMysha is the newest member to join team purchasing. Before starting at Northern Industrial she worked at a motorcycle apparel company. Mysha was born in Canada and lived in Toronto until moving to the UK when she was 12. She now she lives locally with her daughter. In her spare time, Mysha enjoys writing and performing new school jazz songs, especially at open mic nights! Her favourite book is ‘The Wanderer’ by Sharon Creech as she says she can relate to the main character who’s making her journey from Canada to the UK. Mysha says that her favourite holiday destination was Rome where she went to visit the Colosseum.

Please Welcome Rakesh

Say Hello to Rakesh, our new Web Developer. Before working at with us he worked at Simply Bearings as a web content administrator. Living in Bolton with his parents, Rakesh enjoys watching the telly but has been told that he watches too much (there’s no such thing!). When he’s not watching Game of Thrones and dining on Thai food, Rakesh is studying Information Technology with the Open University. He says his favourite holiday was to Canada but apparently, he went during an ice storm!

Please Welcome Bart and Yvonne

BartBart has joined the sales team as our Polish speaking operative. Before working at Northern Industrial he worked at a local paper manufacturer after moving to the UK two years ago. Bart currently lives with his friend from Poland but hopes to move out and get his own place soon. In his spare time, he enjoys watching films, his favourite being ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, as well as jogging to keep fit despite his love of crisps! He also enjoyed playing the guitar and piano when he was a child, but despite still having a guitar he said he hasn’t played in a while. Bart attended University in Poland where he studied engineering and says his favourite place he’s visited was an island in Greece (that he can’t remember the name of!)

YvonneYvonne also joins our sales department. Before working with us, Yvonne worked at The Local Herald and lives locally with her son Dylan and her Labradinger Baxter (Labrador and Springer Spaniel). Yvonne loves to cook and says her favourite dish to serve is paella, she also enjoys walking Baxter up Pendle Hill and travelling. Yvonne says her favourite place to visit was Mexico where she got to swim with dolphins and is even jetting off with her family to Dublin next week. In her spare time, she likes to read fantasy novels and says her favourite books are the Lord of the Rings series.

Please Welcome Sam

Sam is our new trade counter assistant who has joined us to help out with all Trade Counter jobs including booking in repairs, shipping out orders to our customers and dishing out components. Before working at Northern Industrial Sam worked at another company as a warehouse operative. Currently living locally his brother, Sam enjoys watching football, playing with his little brother Hugh and dog Finn and listening to Classic Rock. He says his favourite gig was Iron Maiden where he also saw Rammstein, Alice Cooper and Europe. Sam enjoys traveling and has recently visited Amsterdam where he nearly got ran over by a cyclist like many Brits visiting Amsterdam before him!

Please Welcome Lydia


Please welcome  Lydia, our new marketing apprentice. Before working at Northern Industrial Lydia Studied at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy where she studied film, architecture and hospitality. She then moved on to work at Ewood Park stewarding on match days even though she doesn’t like football! Lydia lives in Darwen with her Mum, Dad and Cat called Morrison (not named after the shop). She enjoys going to concerts, watching Netflix and cooking although she tries to avoid baking at all costs as she has a phobia of eggs. Lydia says her favourite place she has visited is Canada as she gets a chance to visit her aunt and uncle in Edmonton.

Please Welcome Lynsey and Nicola

Please welcome Lynsey, our new Digital Marketing Executive. Lynsey has recently moved from Chase Templeton, a private medical insurance company where she worked as the Marketing Coordinator. She lives in Clitheroe with her husband Phillip, her son Hugh and her Border Collie Finn! Lynsey is very interested in history having studied it at Lancaster University and even did her dissertation on the Blackburn Caledonian Curling Society. Lynsey used to enjoy playing touch rugby and attending the Blackburn Local History Society but since having Hugh she doesn’t seem to have much spare time anymore! When she’s not sightseeing in Northern Ireland with her husband she’s ringing into Radio Lancashire where she won a long-handled double gusseted bag although she says her greatest achievement is finishing her CIM diploma whilst looking after her son.

Say hi to Nicola who is joining the team to look after our customers in the USA and Canada. Despite Nicola’s Italian name, he is actually from Venezuela where he worked for Telefonica or as we know it in the UK O2. Before that Nicola studied business administration and a masters in finance which took two years to complete. He currently lives in Didsbury with his cousin and his cousin’s wife. In his spare time he enjoys playing the guitar, watching Netflix and walking around Didsbury visiting the local pubs and restaurants. Nicola recently got married last November after proposing to his wife in Milan and they are making plans for her to move from Venezuela join him in Didsbury next month.


Northern Industrial Turns 40 🎂

It’s now been 40 years since John Lenehan began Northern Industrial back in 1978. We’ve come a long way since our humble Blackburn beginnings which John decided to start the company after leaving his job as a maintenance engineer at a local brewery. Although still in Blackburn, we now help you out with automation problems wherever you are in the world and have helped customers in over 130 countries across the globe.

We couldn’t let the milestone pass without a celebration so this past Saturday we had a party to celebrate with a gigantic cake worthy of such a celebration from  Eat My Logo, a local company that specialises in making your brand tasty. Here’s John cutting the cake below as well as a selection of other photos from the party.

Here’s to another 40 years of automation support from us 🍻


Please Welcome Brian and Heidi!

Please welcome Brian, our newest external sales executive. Brian is originally from Bolton and before joining Northern Industrial he worked at a concrete hire company. Brian lives with his wife and cat Georgie as his son has recently moved out. When Brian is not at work, he enjoys watching anything to do with sport, his favourite is football, visiting friends and family and in this weather, he loves a good BBQ! His wife is half Greek so they love to visit the Greek Islands, Brian has tried paragliding there and his proudest moment was having his son.

Heidi has joined our team as a workshop administrator to help our service manager. Before working with us, Heidi worked in Nelson. Living locally in Blackburn with her husband, Heidi has three cats named, Milo, Taboo and Scooter. When she’s not working she enjoys reading, going to the cinema and likes running as a way to keep fit. Heidi also enjoys raising money for charity and has taken part in fundraising events like abseiling and firewalking and she said firewalking was probably one of her proudest moments.

Please welcome our five new starters!

Over the last couple of weeks we have had five new starters join our team! Working in all different departments, please welcome, Ciaran, Brian, Lee, Sabri and Ross!

Ciaran | Office Assistant
 Ciaran has joined Northern Industrial temporarily to help with our product photography. Living with his family in Wilpshire, he also has five cats because his cat had kittens and he just couldn’t resist keeping some of them. Before working with us he worked at Marks and Spencer however, he is looking to start at the University of Salford this year studying graphic design. When he’s not working he enjoys freelance graphic design, playing his guitar and going to regular gigs. Back in high school, Ciaran was on a school trip where he broke his ankle climbing up a mountain and got stuck up there for a couple of hours waiting for mountain rescue! The best place he’s been on holiday is Ireland and his best achievement is doing a 5k race with his dad.


Brian | Electronic Engineer
Brian has recently joined our engineering team at Northern Industrial but before working with us he worked for Dynamax where he also was an engineer. He currently lives in Blackburn with his four year old son and three cats. When Brian’s not working he enjoys fixing things like radios, he also has an interest in digital art and electronic music and in his spare time he plays the synthesizer! Brian is lucky enough to have been able to travel Europe with work, but out of all the places he’s been on holiday he said the Canary Islands were his favourite. When speaking with Brian he said his best achievement is raising his son as a single parent!


Lee | Trade Counter Apprentice
Lee has started an apprenticeship here at Northern Industrial and is part of the Trade Counter team! He lives with his family and cat Tully in Simonstone and when he’s not picking and packing deliveries for us he goes out with his friends. In Lee’s spare time he loves to keep fit and his hobbies are playing both football and golf and in summer he enjoys going on holiday to his family’s villa in sunny Bulgaria!


Sabri | Apprentice Electronic Engineer
We also recently welcomed Sabri to the engineering team as an apprentice but before working with us, Sabri worked full time at TMS! Currently living in Baxenden with his family and Yorkshire Terrier Bobby, in his spare time Sabri likes playing his guitar and like any lad, going out for drinks with his mates on the weekend. He also said his favourite place to go is Amsterdam, he likes it that much he’s been there 3 times! When asking him what he’s proud of, Sabri said looking after his sister that was diagnosed with autism at an early age.


Ross | PHP Developer
Our new PHP developer, Ross worked at Datamatters Ltd before joining us but before that he was a maths teacher where he realised teaching wasn’t the job for him. Newly-wed, Ross lives in Darwen with his wife but unfortunately doesn’t have any pets yet however, they’re looking at getting a dog in the future! Ross likes to keep fit by open water swimming and going on regular walks with his wife where he’ll enjoy a pint of local ale in nearby pubs. When he was back in school he competed on the TV show 50/50 and they won, unfortunately he can’t find the episode for us to watch! His favourite holiday has to be Iceland where he got to watch the Northern Lights whilst relaxing in a hot tub and his proudest moment was when he married his wife.